The allure of Rosarito Beach house rentals

The allure of Rosarito Beach house rentals

Once the wild frontier between Mexico and California, and later a rancher valley filled with gun-toting cowboys, the region around Rosarito Beach is now famed for something altogether different – its rolling Pacific surf and shimmering beaches. Just 12 miles south of San Diego, there are few spots in Mexico more accessible, and there are all sorts of Rosarito Beach house rentals to pick from, too.

Renting your Rosarito Beach house

The interior of a gorgeous oceanfront apartment in Rosarito

If you’re considering a hop across the US-Mexico border but are thinking that perhaps it’s a little too much hassle for a taste of sun, sand, and sea, be sure to check out the pointers below. They list all the sorts of trips, from long to short, that can be had in Rosarito Beach house rentals.

Long-term stints in Rosarito Beach

Got a little more time to soak up the rays? The great news is that plenty of Rosarito Beach house rentals are available long term. In fact, there’s often a discount for stays that put you by the sizzling lobster shacks and board rental shops down on the Baja for over 30 days. Just be sure to pack enough sunscreen.

A weekend escape to Rosarito Beach

Because Rosarito Beach house rentals beckon just 12 miles out of San Diego, there’s really no reason why you can’t consider a quick getaway to this sun-splashed Mexican resort. The trip can take less than an hour from San Diego International Airport, and there are oodles of owners who are happy to rent their surf-side condo for just a couple of nights.

Rosarito Beach house rentals for a week-long vacay

The most common rental period when it comes to Rosarito Beach houses is around a week or two. People pop down Route 1 through Tijuana to take their place on the Mexican coast for a seven-day bout of cold beer and spicy tacos. You’ll want to book in advance if that’s your plan during the popular summer months between May and August.

Areas of Rosarito to get your beach rental

Surfers hit the waves and palm trees line up along the coast by Rosarito

Perhaps you’re after a smorgasbord of spicy lobster and ceviche? Maybe you prefer style and class in your very own Spanish hacienda by the shore? Know before you go, so you can choose the right area of Rosarito for you.

Down Route 1D

It’s common to opt for a Rosarito Beach house rental that’s a little outside of the town center. Follow the highway 1D as it wiggles around the shoreline and you’ll see why. Luxurious villas with a touch of Spanish charm pop up by less-busy coves there. They typically have private pools and sit just steps from frothing surf spots that you won’t need to share with anyone.

By the buzz of the Coronado

The Coronado is the heart of Rosarito town. Hemmed in by boozy bars and tequila-slamming cantinas, it throbs with life from Spring Break onwards. It’s also laden with stays of all different types, which will put you close to the beachfront that hosts the Baja Sands sandcastle festival, and plenty of local strip malls as well.

Puerto Nuevo for the seafood lovers

South out of Rosarito town itself, around a series of rocky Baja headlands, the town of Puerto Nuevo bustles with more fish eateries than you can shake a seafood taco at. It’s especially famous for its lobster, which is fresh-caught in the Pacific and infused with a touch of citrus zest and chili before serving. It’s the place to stay if you’re searching for a real taste of the Mexican kitchen.

Different types of Rosarito Beach house rentals

A pool and palm trees in a luxurious oceanfront condo in Rosarito

Rosarito Beach house rentals range from big to small, characterful to modern, luxurious to affordable. The guide below offers some insights into what you can choose just steps from the Mexican Pacific this season.

Private villas in Rosarito

For a space to relax in, unwind, and feel like a real A-lister, a Rosarito villa could be the best pick. These are standalone houses that you can rent for larger groups, or small properties that are perfect for couples. They often have a twist of Spanish style to them – whitewashed walls and terracotta patios. And they come with plenty of extras, like infinity pools overlooking the ocean and plush living rooms filled with Mexican art.

Gated condo complexes

A whole load of Rosarito Beach house rentals are part of a larger complex of other units and vacation homes. They come with the bonus of shared facilities, which could be just an outdoor garden area or as enticing as a private pool.

Arty cabanas by the ocean

If you’re willing to head away from the center of Rosarito and look to more off-beat coves and little arcs of sand up and down the Baja coast, it’s possible to snag a stay that’s steeped in vernacular character. Whether it’s an adobe cottage or a salt-caked surf shack, they are the abodes with unique and interesting flurries of design.