Get the right Virginia Beach house rental

Get the right Virginia Beach house rental

Scoot down to Virginia Beach house rentals to gorge on mouthwatering Chesapeake crab and go bronze on some of the East Coast’s most buzzing sands. There are plenty of vacation homes in the much-loved resort to pick from – this guide can help you find the one that suits your style of travel the best.

Virginia Beach houses – options to choose from

Fully furnished Beach House in Virginia Beach

Not all Virginia Beach house rentals are the same. That’s precisely what makes searching for your next escape by the shores so much fun. Will you plump for a picture-perfect villa with its own swimming spot? Maybe you’d prefer a compact condo in the thick of the action?

Virginia Beach house rentals with a private pool

The Atlantic won’t be the only place you can take dip if you manage to snag a sought-after Virginia Beach house rental with a private pool. Some of these lodgings really are to die for – think glistening infinity pools that spill down to meet the sands, or lively condo complexes where you can meet and mingle with other travelers by the poolside sunbeds.

Oceanfront vacation properties in Virginia Beach

There’s simply no better way to enjoy the wide, golden beaches in this corner of the East Coast than by scoring a Virginia Beach house rental that’s right on the sands. Ground floor properties are particularly appealing, mainly because they let you fling open the back door, take a few steps, and find yourself facing the Atlantic Ocean.

Condominiums for real comfort

There’s plenty to be said for opting for a condominium over other types of Virginia Beach houses. For starters, there are loads of these managed apartments to pick from, with oodles soaring high above the shoreline to provide breathtaking views of the boardwalk and beyond from their balconies. Then there are the extras – think shared swimming pools, gyms, the occasional spa facility, sun decks, and more.

Summer trips with the pet

It’s not unheard of to find Virginia Beach houses that welcome four-legged guests as well as two-legged ones. Just bear in mind that the main strands in the resort can have restrictions on where Fido’s allowed to roam. So, you might be better off widening your accommodation search to include the more off-beat cabins in places near First Landing State Park and False Cape State Park, where there are fewer rules on roaming pooches.

Secure yourself a cheap Virginia Beach house

A 1 bedroom house near the Virginia Beach oceanfront

Who wants to overpay for their place on the sands? Thought not. The tips below can help you keep costs to a minimum in all Virginia Beach house rentals, whether you’ve got your eye on a central pad near the promenade or a remote cabin along Chesapeake Bay.

Dodge the summer

Statistics show that the average cost of a night in a Virginia Beach house rental can almost halve as August changes to September. The same can’t be said about daytime temperatures here, which can actually remain quite balmy until early October. The upshot? Fall surely wins on the budget front.

Book really early

If you’re determined to come during the hot summer months, you might find that booking your Virginia Beach house rental as far in advance as you can produces something of a windfall. That’s because the best bargains will often sell out fastest, especially when 1000s of folk start to plan their trip to the Atlantic in the run up to the season.

Forgo Virginia Beach house rentals with a private pool

Money tight? Perhaps the crème-de-la-crème of Virginia Beach house rentals should take a backseat for a moment. Bargain stays in this happening resort are always available, though they might not come with frilly extras like private swimming pools and designer kitchens.

Area guide for booking Virginia Beach houses

A shot of long Virginia Beach, complete with boardwalk, pier, and rolling Atlantic surf

It always pays to know where you’re headed, which is why it’s a good idea to get a feel for the various corners of Virginia Beach and its boardwalk before you settle on somewhere to stay. There are two districts that really stand out from the crowd.

The Virginia Beach Boardwalk

This is it – the beating heart of Virginia Beach. Stretching three miles along the main shoreline, the boardwalk is the home of many a top-rated Virginia Beach house rental, sleek condo, and ocean-view apartment. If you’re coming for family fun and evenings of dining with proximity to the sands, it’s certainly the area to look to.

Up by First Landing State Park

The eastern fringes of the beautiful First Landing State Park are covered with large-scale rental homes that boast Atlantic views and multiple bedrooms. They are in quieter parts of the city, but also offer a springboard to long lengths of both secluded and dog-friendly coastline.