6 Haunted B&Bs Where Guests Have Ghostly Encounters

Just in time for fall (and Halloween, naturally), we've selected seven B&Bs, from Greek revival mansions to ancient homes, where the unexplained reigns. Guests at these historical inns have reported apparitions of long-dead Victorian gentlemen, doors opening and closing on their own, and mysteriously displaced objects.

The Texas White House, Fort Worth, Texas

This historical home built in 1910 is on many lists of haunted spots. The property plays host to a ghost that's particularly fond of the Lone Star Room. Some guests report they've seen him and others say they've felt his presence in their rooms. According to the Texas White House blog, “The ghost here is believed to be the husband of the only family who ever lived in the house. He died here and now haunts his old bedroom. The ghost sightings occur when a single woman stays in the room. Two women have awoken in the middle of the night feeling that someone was lying on the bed beside them when no one was there. A third woman reported that she felt a presence in the corner."

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The Galloway House Inn, Savannah, Georgia

The Galloway House, in Savannah's beautiful old Historic District, is steeped in haunted tales. Its original owner, an attorney named Richard Martin Lester, died by suicide in 1926. Many guests have reported sightings of the ghost of Mr. Lester, as well as other strange occurrences. Reportedly, guests have seen objects moving on their own in some of the rooms.

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The Groveland Hotel, Groveland, California

This 17-room pet-friendly inn near Yosemite National Park's main gate was originally an adobe trading post. Built in 1849, it's been a gambling house, a saloon, a hotel, a ranger station, a business offices and a bus stop. Throughout the years, the inn has remained home to the ghost of a long-diseased man named Lyle. A gold-miner, Lyle was found dead in his room in 1927 with a box of dynamite under his bed. Although he reportedly kept to himself throughout his life, it's said that Lyle is a playful spirit who's been known to tease guests by turning on lights and water and moving items (particularly women's cosmetics) around the rooms. Visit Groveland, CA >

The Mayhurst Inn, Orange, Virginia

Located about 30 miles from Charlottesville, this 9,200-square-foot house built in 1859 is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Confederate Generals Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson visited the house, and some 18,000 Confederate troops pitched their tents on the grounds during the winter of 1863. Guests have reported uneasy feelings of being watched. Others say windows in the Madison Room have opened by themselves.

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Captain Grant's 1754, Poquetanuck, CT

This very old Colonial property is surrounded on two sides by cemeteries and is home to a handful of playful spirits. According to the innkeeper, "A few resident spirits are Deborah; Adams, who is 5 years old; her friend John, who is 9; Daniel, who died in 1727; and Mercy, who is the mistress ghost of the house." Each room has a journal guests use to record unexplained happenings; you can read about the ghosts and write down the tale of your own spooky stay. The inn offers ghost-hunting packages and spirit-communication lessons for those interested as well.

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Bewitched & BEDazzled B&B, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

This Rehoboth Beach inn is a year-round homage to the the '60s-and-'70s-era sitcom "Bewitched," and features rooms decorated in accordance with the classic TV-show theme. Even spookier: Some rooms are said to be haunted by an old sea captain and his family, including the ghost of his 12-year-old daughter, who's been spotted in the basement by some. Her brother and mother are said to roam the grounds, too.

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