Annapolis bed and breakfasts – a heritage-rich stay

Annapolis bed and breakfasts – a heritage-rich stay

A real film set of a city, Annapolis showcases wiggling cobblestone lanes and colonial-era squares, all topped off by the hexagonal dome of the state capital and chocolate-box rows of redbrick buildings. It’s the perfect place to seek out an Annapolis bed and breakfast lodging that prizes homey comforts, local tips, and heritage-rich character above all else.

Enchanting features of an Annapolis bed and breakfast

A blue-painted Annapolis vacation rental with a brick chimney stack

So, you’re thinking about choosing a bed and breakfast in Annapolis, MD? Get ready for stays that have heart-warming features and personalized interiors, channeling the rich history and the long past of the state capital to create a place you won’t forget in a hurry.

A vernacular style

Stroll through Old Annapolis, past the spire-topped Maryland State House and along the salt-washed quays of the historic naval bases, and you’ll get a feel for the elegant 1700s style and colonial undercurrent of the city. Don’t be surprised if B&B lodgings look to harness all that, with period features and original architectural flurries aplenty.

Local owners with loads of travel tips

Want to explore Annapolis like a MD native? In-the-know tips from local owners are a sure way to get stuck into the nitty gritty of the age-old port town. Forget the mainstay sights around the capitol complex and think about hidden taverns down winding alleyways, or the very best Chesapeake blue crab dishes the city has to offer.

Thoughtful touches

Annapolis bed and breakfasts like to do things a little differently to a modern hotel. Instead of sleek, contemporary rooms, the onus here is on hearty, homey design. Cue country-style bathrooms with freestanding tubs. Think Victorian portraits hanging above four-poster beds. Prepare for sparkling chandeliers and roaring wood fires in the living spaces.

Home-cooked morning meals

Of course, breakfast is always on the menu in an Annapolis bed and breakfast – just as the name implies. But it’s often not your usual buffet affair. It’s a curated mix of local flavors and delicacies. That could mean plates of toppling eggs benedict next to smoked East Coast kippers, home-brew coffee with hand-pressed orange juice, and all sorts of other taste-bud-tingling staples.

Different types of Annapolis bed and breakfasts

The Maryland State House pokes above old-world buildings in the heart of Annapolis

With so many enticing aspects to traditional Annapolis bed and breakfasts, there’s bound to be a whole host of travelers who will find their perfect home away from home in this sort of accommodation.

History buffs who want to be immersed

Annapolis’s story reaches all the way back to the colonial era, when its quaysides bustled with British naval ships and merchants. These days, you can still tread cobbled lanes where sailors once trod, see brick-fronted buildings from the 1700s, and unravel tales of swashbuckling pirates on Chesapeake Bay. B&Bs typically sit tight in the heart of old Annapolis, with period features and a distinct vernacular feel – perfect for real immersion.

Twosomes on a romantic Maryland weekend

After all the sunset watching over Chesapeake Bay Bridge, meditative cruises around the bay, and candlelit dinners in historic seafaring taverns, an Annapolis bed and breakfast promises somewhere cozy and engrossing to return to. Couples can make the most of inviting suites with plush bedspreads, or settle by the crackling wood fire together for a night cap.

Fans of characterful stays

There’s no question that an Annapolis bed and breakfast is a stay with a difference. Add up all those antique-brimming suites, the colonial design flurries, the East Coast organic produce in the morning, heart-warming service touches – you’re left with a stay that can really beguile and enchant.

How to snag bargains on Annapolis bed and breakfasts

A traditional vacation rental in Annapolis with redbrick stairs and shingle cladding

Keep as many cents as possible to put towards steamed Chesapeake crab diners and cruises on salt-washed schooners by following the handy hints below. They can help with securing the top deals on Annapolis bed and breakfasts.

Book nice and early

A tried-and-tested way of getting great deals on Annapolis bed and breakfasts, and all sorts of vacation rentals for that matter, is to book as early as you can. Being prepared means you’ll have the pick of the best-priced lodgings before they all get reserved.

Travel in winter or fall

If you’re scooting down to the Maryland coast to delve into the colonial history and see centuries-old buildings on the lawns of the state house, you might find that rates are easier on the wallet in seasons like winter and fall. Those are both outside of the main vacationing time, and there’s something wonderful about the long-lived buildings and stony streets when they’re all doused in snow.