The charms of bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX

The charms of bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX

Whether you come to sway to the yearly music festivals, gorge on Tex-Mex, or skim on kayaks over Lady Bird Lake, there’s plenty to be said for picking bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX. Homey, welcoming, and steeped in charm, these are the spots that’ll have you living like a Lone Star local. Many also have unique styles and cozy vibes. This guide can help you book the very best.

An Austin neighborhood guide for B&B bookers

A boutique bed and breakfast in Austin surrounded by a grassy lawn and trees

Know before you go with this guide to some of the top neighborhoods in the Lone Star capital. Each has its own unique atmosphere, along with selection of characterful bed and breakfasts that you won’t forget in a hurry.

Hyde Park – an immersive historic district

Hyde Park is a quintessential Austin neighborhood. You’ll be greeted with a warm smile in these parts, with locally owned coffee shops and BBQ restaurants punctuating the blocks between grass-fronted cottages. You can even seek out an Austin bed and breakfast here in an intriguing historic district that’s laden with old Victorian mansions.

An Austin bed and breakfast in happening East Austin

There’s an independent art gallery, organic eatery, hipster coffeehouse, or enthralling history museum on almost every corner in East Austin. It’s also a place where the old mingles seamlessly with the new, with 1900s bungalows merging with slick high-rise blocks, quaint B&Bs standing next to bohemian cocktail bars.

Get your Austin guest house in Texas Hill Country

Looking to escape the hurly-burly of city life? Texas Hill Country could be a doozy. It spreads out to the west of town, with undulating green ridges, snaking rivers, and dancing meadows of wildflowers. The bed and breakfasts here take a turn for the rustic, too. Find them in weathered German barns or horse-trodden Texan ranches around places like Johnson City and Dripping Springs.

A bed and breakfast stay near Lake Travis

Another way to get a taste of the Texan backcountry is to head for Lake Travis. It straddles the wiggling meanders of the Colorado River on the northwest side of town. Zip lines, caves, waterfalls, and even clothing-optional beaches are the name of the game in these parts. And there are B&Bs with leafy yards and decks overlooking the water’s edge.

Features you can expect from bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX

A modern B&B kitchen with dining area in Texas

Are you new to the B&B scene? Not sure what to expect from that home away from home in the Live Music Capital of the World? The pointers below reveal just a few of the common features of Austin bed and breakfasts, from their animal-loving nature to their filling morning meals.

A breakfast – it’s an Austin bed and breakfast, after all

Home-brewed coffee, blueberry muffins, syrup-topped pancakes, and eggs any style – the morning menu in bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX, is sure to get the taste buds a-tingling. It’s the sort of meal you’d cook for yourself back at home, and perfect for kick starting days of line-dancing in Wild West saloons.

Pet-friendly bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX

With the vast reserves of Lake Travis, the parks that clutch the Colorado River, and the green peaks of Hill Country on the menu, it would be a real shame not to bring Fido along for the ride. Thankfully, Austin bed and breakfasts are often open to accepting four-legged guests, though you may need to fork out a small extra fee.

Quaint styles and local heritage touches

One reason that the bed and breakfasts of Austin, TX, inspire such a loyal following is that they have oodles of character about them. There are dusty ranches overlooking creeks in the Hill Country – perfect if you want to channel your inner Clint Eastwood. There are venerable Victorian mansions with creaky porches and hot tubs – a guaranteed bout of Texan romance. And those are only two examples.

Securing cheap Austin bed and breakfasts

The skyscrapers of Austin by the river

In the buzzy capital of the Lone Star State, with all its world-famous music festivals, BBQ grills, and enticing parks, it can often be tricky to score a bargain. The tips below are great if you’re eager to reduce the cost of a stay in a local B&B.

Try to dodge peak times

The Christmas and New Year vacations, the summer college break, and the dates of the Austin City Limits festival in fall can often crank up the cost of cute B&Bs in the city. The upshot? Try to dodge major holidays and big events in the Texan calendar if you’re coming for sightseeing and R&R.

Booking early is key

There’s always steep demand for bed and breakfasts in Austin, TX. That means the same goes for accommodation as for music show tickets and rodeo entry in this town – book early. It’s especially important if you want to keep prices low, as the most wallet-friendly packages will usually sell out the fastest of all.