What’s so great about bed and breakfasts in Burlington, VT?

What’s so great about bed and breakfasts in Burlington, VT?

You won’t regret booking bed and breakfasts in Burlington, VT. Why? Start with those forget-me-not suites filled with thought-provoking artworks and antiques. Then, check out the hearty stacks of pancakes and farm-to-table bacon and eggs that greet you in the morning. Then, think of all the local tips and restaurant recommendations from the dedicated owners. It’s an accommodation type that really helps squeeze excitement out of the city.

The unique style of bed and breakfasts in Burlington, VT

A bright dining room with large windows and table in a B&B in Burlington

One thing that always sets B&Bs apart from the crowd is their one-of-a-kind character. To put it another way – these aren’t your usual vacation rentals, especially not in Vermont. Up between the Stowe Mountains and the sloshing waters of Lake Champlain, there’s everything from New England cottages to converted farm stays under wooded ski slopes.

Historic inns in Burlington

Burlington might be best known for its bustling university and as a gateway to Vermont’s ski fields, but there’s also plenty of history here. You’ll see that in the centuries-old bed and breakfasts that were once lodges for workers on the Champlain Canal, or in the traditional farmsteads and barn conversions that line the lakeside and dot the hills nearby.

Homey stays with B&Bs in Burlington

For some people, a bed and breakfast could be the closest it’s possible to get to a real home away from home. That’s because there’s usually only a handful of rooms in these establishments. Coupled with the fact that they are often in decades-old buildings in off-radar neighborhoods, that means you can feel truly immersed in Burlington from the moment you check in.

Unforgettable rooms in Burlington bed and breakfasts

You can be certain that the intriguing New England styles of hearty Burlington guest houses continue when you delve inside. In these classic lodgings, antique-filled hallways give way to libraries stacked with dusty books and warmed by crackling wood fires. And the suites themselves? Think flurries of grand Victorian décor and four-poster beds.

Where to look for your bed and breakfast in Burlington, VT

A wooden guesthouse on Lake Champlain near Burlington

Scoring an enchanting B&B in Burlington that’s complete with heritage interiors, plush poster beds, and opulent ensuite rooms is just half the challenge. It’s also important to get somewhere that’s nestled in a part of the city you’re sure to enjoy exploring. A handy destination guide is below…

Lakeview bed and breakfasts in Burlington

Burlington has the envious distinction of being a lake city. It butts right up to the stretched-out waters of Lake Champlain, which marks the VT-NY border with a montage of wooded banks, rocky swimming coves, and sandy dune habitats laden with waterfowl. Head out to the north and you can catch inns and lodges in those parts, some even touting grounds that spill right down to the lake itself.

Homes around the University of Vermont

Because bed and breakfasts in Burlington take on a local edge, it’s hardly a surprise that you’re most likely to find them in residential areas. That means you might need to venture to parts of town like the University of Vermont campus, where leafy neighborhoods host old redbrick coach houses and quaint cottages with rooms for rent.

Vermont B&Bs in the Stowe and Green mountains

Got the skis in tow? Looking to practice your carving? Some of the best winter resorts in New England await in the peaks surrounding Burlington. There are bed and breakfasts that can put you within reach of the chairlifts of Stowe Mountain and Killington, for example. And they might even come with a few of those traditional alpine extras – steaming hot tubs, ski-in access, real-wood stoves.

Scoring great deals on one-of-a-kind Burlington B&Bs

A Burlington guest house with spacious garden and outdoor seating areas

Vermont isn’t the cheapest state to visit, that’s hardly a secret. But that doesn’t mean things have to break the bank up here. The tips below can help you save for your ski passes and farmer’s-market shopping sprees, by revealing how to cut the costs in guesthouses, inns, and B&Bs.

Try to book early if you’re coming at busy times

One thing that helps make Burlington’s bed and breakfasts so unique is that there’s not an abundance of these sorts of accommodations. Because there can only be so many historic cottages turned hotels, or converted Vermont farms with rooms to rent, you’d be wise to get your booking in as early as you can, before all the top bargains sell out.

Skip some parts of the calendar

Winter snows herald the opening of the Vermont ski fields in the nearby Green Mountains, while the summer brings crowds to the state parks around the edges of Lake Champlain. That means you might be better dodging the masses and choosing months like May or September to hit B&Bs in Burlington, when rates are lower, and you’ll catch the lively student crew in the taverns, spring blooms in the gardens, or fall foliage in the forests.