Booking bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC

Booking bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC

So, you’re thinking about booking a bed and breakfast in Charleston, SC? Great choice. There are few types of accommodation that can get you to the heart of this comely Southern jewel. They’ll take you on a journey through Antebellum mansions and Neo-Classical residences, venerable Colonial churches and even soft-sanded beaches. Tempted? This guide can help you book yours today…

Various types of bed and breakfasts in Charleston

A white B&B with a little bench outside, and a path leading to the door through a garden full of flowers

Whether you want to soak in the good-looking cityscape, its belfries, and jasmine-scented squares, or are looking to leave footprints in glimmering Carolinian sands, you can rest assured there’s a Charleston B&B to suit…

Historic inns and lodges in Charleston

If there’s one place in South Carolina that can plunge you into the past, it’s surely the grand old dame of Charleston. Crooked cottages fronted with pink-tinted Bermudian limestone and cobbled lanes dating from the Colonial era combine to create the most amazing backdrop for bed and breakfasts in a city that can trace its roots all the way back to the days of Blackbeard himself.

Romantic establishments for loved-up couples

There are other bed and breakfasts nestled between the cobbled lanes of old Charleston that are just perfect for getting the Lady and the Tramp vibes a-going. They’ll get you sleeping in cozy suites with candle-flicking chandeliers, with windows that open onto visions of painted porches with rocking chairs and fairy-tale church spires rising into the sky.

Oceanfront B&Bs aren’t too far from Charleston, you know

You shouldn’t have to venture too far from the Antebellum façades and Revolutionary history sites of Charleston’s center to discover a slice of life on the Atlantic Ocean. Down by the sands of Sullivan’s Island, for example, grand homes hide between the palms and mossy angel oaks, with glimmering swimming pools butting right up to white-sand beaches.

Alluring areas to find your Charleston B&B

A guest house surrounded by trees in historic Charleston

With pockets of elegant 1800s mansions fronted with great Grecian pillars, stoic Federal-style inns, and gingerbread cottages from the city’s earliest years, Charleston’s patchwork of neighborhoods can have lots of enticing spots, with plenty of alluring guest houses between them.

Stepping on historic cobbles in the French Quarter

The weathered stone streets of the French Quarter are still the most vibrant part of Charleston. In fact, they have been for 100s of years, with houses and taverns popping up on the side of the Cooper River here as far back as 1694. This is where to go for history-rich bed and breakfasts, not to mention Southern comfort dining, farmer’s markets, Civil War sites – the list goes on.

North of Calhoun Street

Calhoun Street offers a natural boundary between the centuries-old cottages of historic Charleston and the newer blocks of the city’s residential areas. It’s still got grand inns in big mansions from the 1700s and 1800s, but they tend to be on quiet and leafy avenues topped with oaks and magnolia trees.

A salt-washed stay on Sullivan’s Island

One unforgettable alternative to staking out the downtown of Charleston is to head for the beach. The most popular is usually Folly Beach, but it’s Sullivan’s Island at the gateway to the bay that usually wins for bed and breakfasts. Look for them spilling straight onto the dunes, with decks and BBQ grills with sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Good deals on bed and breakfasts in Charleston, SC

A guest house terrace with chairs, a swing, a hammock, and a dining table in Charleston

So, you’re dying to hit the nostalgic lanes of Charleston’s Colonial town but don’t have a terribly big budget? There are ways you can cut the cost of a B&B in these parts. Just check the handy hints below.

Consider a B&B in Charleston, SC, that’s on the beach

Charleston might just be one of the only towns where beachfront lodgings can be cheaper than their compadres in the downtown. It’s easy to see why, though. There’s hefty competition for stays in handsome cottages from the 17th century that get you just steps from the immersive history trails. There’s just a little less for those fronting the Atlantic barrier islands.

Book your Charleston B&B for spring or fall

It’s never a good idea to vacation during the most popular months if you’re keeping a close eye on the travel budget. That’s especially true in Charleston, however, where 1000s of history buffs, newlyweds, and families descend on the city throughout summer, upping competition for the most amazing accommodations. You might want to consider spring and autumn, when the weather’s still balmy but rates in local inns are a little lower.