All about bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys

All about bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys

Even a mention of the Florida Keys is usually enough to conjure up images of glistening sands and lanky palms that drift this way and that in the trade winds. Start looking for bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys and you’ll soon be lost in it all, only with the added allure of amazing historic homes in Key West and reef-side cabanas in the midst of Islamorada’s mangroves…

Some of the top islands for Florida Keys B&Bs

A white sand beach in Islamorada with a little campervan surrounded by palm trees

As soon as the chain of the Florida Keys fragments off the southern end of the Sunshine State, things are a medley of tropical beachfronts fringed with sea grapes, murky mangrove swamps, and green-blue lagoons filled with manatees and snorkelers. Discover the amazing corner you’d like to visit by using the pointers below…

Key West – the most popular of all

There are grand Queen-Anne mansions and Creole homes fronted with iron balustrades, handsome Victorian buildings and porch-fronted lodges with swimming pools in Key West. It’s one of the biggest ranges of bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys as a whole. And you get buzzy Duval Street at the Southernmost Point of the Continental US on the doorstep.

Anywhere in long Islamorada

Islamorada is a village that covers six individual Keys, starting with paradisiacal ranch Key in the north-east. Anne’s Beach is one of its hubs – expect a white-sand stretch of glistening powder that’s washed by emerald ocean and peppered with sea kayak stands and scuba outfitters.

Key Largo – calling snorkelers and sea lovers

Key Largo is ringed by John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, where multicolored brain sponges and rainbowfish hide under crystal-clear waters. It’s a doozy for anyone who likes to pull on the tanks and go under, and casual snorkelers who like to break up days of soaking up the rays. B&Bs here can be remote and romantic, or slick and stylish, with pools and on-site seafood bistros.

Interesting features of Florida Keys B&Bs

A large two-story B&B in the Florida Keys surrounded by palm trees

Fusing good old islander living with a touch of Caribbean reggae and a good topping of Sunshine State hospitality, bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys are excellent places to go in search of hard-earned R&R. And that’s not even mentioning their other enticing features…

Luxurious extras in the Keys

The Florida Keys aren’t considered a chart-topping honeymoon hot spot for nothing. Luxury is easy to find in this sun-doused southern corner of the country. And it’s no different in the bed and breakfasts, which will often infuse elegant 1800s buildings with canopy beds, spa tubs, and tropical gardens that bloom with orchids.

Beachfront locations that are simply stunning

One of the great things about choosing a bed and breakfast in the Florida Keys is just how close it’s possible to get to the sloshing shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean. Pick a front-row cottage or inn and you can wake to the sounds of the waves, watch kayaks slicing through the lagoons, and enjoy some seriously breathtaking sunrise shows.

Breakfast, but with a twist

Breakfast is part of the package in any B&B. But in the palm-topped Florida Keys, things take a turn for the exotic. You’ll glug ice-cold coconut juice and freshly-squeezed orange pulp. You’ll sip Costa Rican coffee and devour the tastiest bananas you can imagine.

Bargain stays in bed and breakfasts in the Florida Keys

A two-story guest house situated on a beach in the Florida Keys

Spring is better than winter

Vacationers flock down to the Florida Keys as soon as there’s a hint of cold weather in the Midwest. That means, from November to January, the beachside cabins and the guesthouses of lively Key West are packed to bursting. To get good deals, it’s better to wait until things calm down – March, April, and May are great picks.

Consider more off-beat islands

Everyone loves a jaunt to Duval Street’s sports bars and pirate pubs, and Key Largo certainly has the catamaran charters and coral gardens. But there are plenty of other little islands that host quieter, more off-the-beaten-path B&Bs in the Florida Keys, often with price tags that are easier on the wallet.