Be enchanted by bed and breakfasts in Fredericksburg, TX

Be enchanted by bed and breakfasts in Fredericksburg, TX

From weathered log cabins and old horse ranches in the Hill Country, to unique Prussian homestays with Victorian flourishes and romantic interiors, there are all sorts of bed and breakfasts in Fredericksburg, TX. They ensure you’ll experience this hearty Texan town like a real local, offering unforgettable twists on your conventional vacay.

Intriguing styles of Fredericksburg B&Bs

A cute B&B with a garden and a little terrace in Fredericksburg

Whether you’re looking to channel you inner John Wayne with horse-trotting corrals and lasso lessons, or want to taste frothy Bavarian beer in age-old inns, there’s sure to be a B&B in Fredericksburg, TX, to fit…

A taste of Germany

You’ll be feeling like Maximillian I as you recline under a canopy bed with murals of Bavarian woodlands adorning the walls. Leave your suite and it’s all grand food halls that mimic the fairy-tale interiors of Neuschwanstein Castle, or half-timbered façades that give way to leafy gardens with fountain-babbling gardens that could be lifted straight out of Munich. The heritage of Fredericksburg is alive and kicking in its bed and breakfasts.

Hill Country cabin B&Bs in Fredericksburg

You can choose to leave behind civilization for a sojourn in the Texas Hill Country. Between the vineyards and the peach farms there, it’s possible to find clusters of woodland that host rustic Fredericksburg bed and breakfasts, built with raw wood and surrounded by grassy ranchlands like the pioneer abodes of old.

Fredericksburg’s historic inns

Like New Braunfels before it, Fredericksburg was settled by Prussian Germans in the 1800s. The center has retained its hearty European feel, too, with church spires and tankard-clinking beer gardens aplenty. That, coupled with the rich ranching and vinicultural traditions of the area, ensure a whole load of guest houses here are steeped in local heritage.

Fredericksburg bed and breakfasts – an area guide

A guesthouse with a metal windmill and grassy lawns waits out in the Texas Hill Country

Choosing the right area of Fredericksburg for that bed and breakfast escape is really important. It’s the decision that makes the difference between a vacation of wine tasting and hiking or of beer drinking and cultural pursuits.

Anywhere near Main Street is sure to be a doozy

Ready the lederhosen and read up on your wheat beers, because the Fredericksburg B&Bs that cluster around happening Main Street are in the midst of a town that likes to be more German than…well, Germany itself. Taverns slosh with ales and frankfurters, you’ll see painted churches with Gothic arches looming above, and many of the inns have castle-like features and hearty Saxon-style suites.

Venture out to the Hill Country

There are wonders waiting just over the horizon in Fredericksburg. That’s where the Texas Hill Country unfolds, with the foot-stomping country music halls of Luckenbach, swaying fields of blooming lupines colored magenta and pink, and endless lengths of orchard and vineyard. Eco stays and farm B&Bs abound in those parts.

Quieter Fredericksburg neighborhoods

You don’t have to be out in the country or right in the thick of the action to enjoy the services of a Fredericksburg B&B. You can get the best of both worlds by opting for a sleepy neighborhood like the one between Llano Street and N Milam St, which are dotted with magnolias and fruit trees, speckled with cafés and corner shops.

Scoring a bargain B&B in Fredericksburg, TX

The daffodil-painted Flower Haus B&B, with a small garden with seating area surrounded by trees

Save your cents for the music shows of Luckenbach and the creative kitchens and their schnitzel dishes, all by following the handy hints below. They can help reduce the cost of any inn or guest house in Fredericksburg.

Widen your search to include nearby towns

From Kerrville to Comfort, there are loads of places in the vicinity of Fredericksburg that have the same country-style charm and pioneer vibe. What’s more, you’re likely to find that rates in their B&Bs are a tad less than in the establishments by the biergartens of Main Street.

Book early for summer trips

Loads of people set their sights on the Pacific War Museum, the Enchanted Rock of Fredericksburg, the wineries of the Hill Country, and the blooming wildflower meadows between May and August. That means rates will spike in the summer, leaving winter and fall to boast the top deals of all.