Finding the best bed and breakfasts in Lancaster, PA

Finding the best bed and breakfasts in Lancaster, PA

If a trip to the rolling farm fields, woodlands, and wiggling Susquehanna River of Lancaster is all about escaping the energy of modern life, bed and breakfasts in Lancaster, PA, are a great pick on the accommodation front. They’ll put you in converted farmhouses and barns, offer quiet and personalized service, a touch of luxury, but – most of all – something indelibly local. This guide can help you book the one that’s perfect for you…

Where should I look for bed and breakfasts in Lancaster, PA?

A handsome white house with pink and magenta flowers lining its garden path

So, you want to leave behind the Rat Race for the slow pace of living that’s offered in Lancaster, PA? Good choice. The guide below reveals some of the great places where you can find characterful B&Bs for that getaway.

Between Fertility and Paradise

Head out of Lancaster to the east and you soon enter quintessential Amish country. It’s all rolling fields speckled with bales of hay, creaking mills, and grain silos. It’s here that you also find the historic Amish Farm and House attraction, with its picnic areas and age-old tobacconists, along with the whirling roller coasters of Dutch Wonderland.

Greater Lancaster County

There’s no reason to stick close to the city if you’re after a slice of the bucolic life of Lancaster. In fact, it’s probably better to head further afield. Cue the bed and breakfasts of Lancaster County, which dot the low hills to the north, and fringe the Susquehanna River to the south, offering front-row seats over the green and leafy landscapes.

There’s always Historic Downtown Lancaster

As one of the oldest inland cities in the country, it’s hardly a surprise that the heart of Lancaster is a designated historic district. You’ll wander streets hemmed in by redbrick buildings and encounter enthralling museums that chronicle the American Revolution and the rise of the railroad. There are charming bed and breakfasts, of course, with histories of their own that go back centuries.

Different types of Lancaster bed and breakfasts

The porch of a guest house B&B with white wicker chairs and a lantern

Get a feel for the various types of inns, guest houses, and farm lodgings that await in the region of Lancaster. From eco stays in the country to sleek city B&Bs near cobbled lanes and historic districts, you’re sure to find something that gets the wanderlust a-flowing…

Urban B&Bs in Lancaster’s old town

In Lancaster town it’s all centuries-old inns and old coach houses turned boutique hotels. These are the stylish and urbane spots where you’ll have canopy beds, whirlpool bath tubs, and bespoke soaps in your ensuite.

Amish bed and breakfasts

The Amish bed and breakfasts of Lancaster, PA, take the meaning of immersion to whole new and dizzying heights. They are the accommodations that’ll have you living with an Amish family, following traditional Mennonite ways, and pitching in with day-to-day tasks. Talk about an antidote to modern life…

Bed and breakfasts on a farm in Lancaster

You’ll get your hands dirty with fruit picking and feeding the animals in the farm hotels of Dutch Country. It might not seem like the sort of idyllic vacay you’ve been pining for but could just be the way to go if you want to understand the fulfilling lifestyles of the country folk who call this corner of Pennsylvania their home.

Booking affordable bed and breakfasts in Lancaster

A brick guest house with a spacious garden

The rich traditions, long past, and stunning landscapes of Lancaster mean it’s always on the bucket list of travelers. The upshot? B&Bs and inns here are in high demand, so you’ll need the handy hints below to snag a bargain.

Book long in advance of your trip

With so many folk eager to unravel the tale of the Mennonites and the farming lifestyles of southern Pennsylvania, to hit Gettysburg to the west, and see one of the first ever capitals of the Union, you’d be wise to secure your room in a Lancaster bed and breakfast as early as you can – before all the top deals sell out.

Consider seasons other than summer

Summertime is when the fields of Lancaster’s bucolic farmlands are at their greenest, when the farmer’s markets are in full flow, and when sightseeing conditions are at their very best. Unfortunately, it’s also the most popular time of year to visit this part of PA, which means trips in months like May and September can often be cheaper overall.