All about bed and breakfasts in Nashville, TN

All about bed and breakfasts in Nashville, TN

There’s the twang of guitars and the bump of waltzes in the air in Nashville – a town that gave the world Hank Williams and some of the greats of country music. Throw in a couple of fascinating farm estates, a Midtown that brims with BBQ joints and sizzling Tex-Mex, and grand Antebellum mansions, and the capital of Tennessee is darn hard to resist. Bed and breakfasts in Nashville, TN, could be your chance to see it like a local, with a stay that’s loaded with character and charm.

The features of amazing Nashville bed and breakfasts

A rustic and boutique vacation rental in a metal and timber barn with a wide terrace

One thing’s for sure – bed and breakfasts in Nashville, TN, certainly won’t leave you pining after a little more character. They are steeped in the stuff, whether you’re strutting into a gritty Wild West inn or settling in a cozy neighborhood lodge with homemade breakfasts topped with potent tabasco sauce.

Door-slapping cowboy saloons

Yeehaw. Buckle the belt and spin the spurs, folks – some of the most rollicking inns of all in Nashville are proper lone ranger retreats. Channeling the vibe of an age-old honky-tonk, they come with leather-clad seats and rancher decorations on the walls. Breakfasts are smoky beans and evening tipples are all bourbon whiskey with a twist. Don’t worry, though. These are boutique cowboy lodgings, so you’ll have steaming spa baths and romantic suites like Clint Eastwood could only dream of.

Musical bed and breakfasts in Nashville

There’s music in Nashville wherever you swing the lasso – you simply can’t get away from it. Whether you’re stalking old songwriter cafes or coming to hoopla in the Grand Ole Opry, it’s worth remembering that this is the fabled “Music City, USA”. There are Nashville B&Bs with their own rhythm, too, offering boutique rooms with musical themes and even performances from local artists throughout the week.

Southern-style morning meals

You might find that you’re waking to chow with a little difference in Nashville’s bed and breakfast lodgings. Yes, you can probably request the usual bacon and eggs and stacked pancakes. But what about going for an infusion of the Deep South? It’s a menu on which grits give way to sub-tropical fruit platters and farm-made conserves, while fritters typically come doused in jalapeno-habanero salsas for a little bit of Tennessee fire.

A neighborhood guide to Nashville B&Bs

A charming home in Nashville's suburbs with a grassy lawn and small porch

Don’t get lost in the map of the sprawling Tennessee state capital. Use the guide below to navigate the bends of the Cumberland River and get your bearings amid all the rambunctious jazz and blues bars.

East Nashville – where it’s at

Sat on a little plinth that’s ringed by the meanders of the Cumberland River, East Nashville is where it all goes down. Electricity vibrates in the air thanks to the legendary shows of the Grand Old Opry – one of the most historic country music halls in the world. There are bohemian beer bars and jazz dives on every corner. And you get to explore edgy underground clubs and cutting-edge brunch establishments that tout falafel and sourdough pizza.

Grand Germantown

There’s a hint of Bavaria and a touch of elegant Victorian architecture to the heritage-rich area of Germantown. That creates the perfect backdrop for Nashville bed and breakfasts, what with plenty of intriguing buildings with decades-old façades and gardens to go around. There’s also an overload of Oktoberfest-style beer halls and hearty gastropubs for good measure.

Laid-back Melrose

Trace that Nashville bed and breakfast to the chilled area of Melrose if you’re the type who loves quiet street-side cafes and antiques emporiums that brim with old Antebellum trinkets. There is shopping, parkland, and oodles of quiet cul-de-sacs with locally owned places to stay.

Around Music Row

Being close to so-called Music Row is usually a priority for bed and breakfast goers in Nashville. Why? Well you’ll have the chance to tread in the footsteps of Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson in these parts – the revered RCA Studio B gave loads of the stars their big break. What’s more, in the blocks around that, theatres and buzzing piano bars create a great nightlife scene.

In the 12 South

A large B&B in Nashville

There’s a great selection of guesthouses and bed and breakfasts down in the 12 South. The perfect place to escape Nashville’s sleepless energy, it’s a leafy quarter of old cottages and tree-sprouting avenues. At its heart, however, the area is also known for its medley of enticing gastronomy – you’ll be dining on smoky BBQ briskets one moment and devouring ginger-topped pad Thai noodles the next.