The art of booking bed and breakfasts near you

The art of booking bed and breakfasts near you

Planning a romantic weekend away with your other half? Want to escape the city for a walk in the woods, a hike in the hills? Looking to be pampered but don’t want to venture too far? You don’t need to book weeks away from the office to enjoy the charms of a B&B. Just check out this guide to bed and breakfasts near you, which should reveal alluring getaways that are just a hop, skip, and a jump over the horizon…

Features to expect of the best bed and breakfast near you

A trullo guest house in Italy, with trademark cone roofs

Before you settle on booking a B&B near you, it’s a good idea to be certain that it’s the type of accommodation you’re after. For romantic days and boutique breaks, historic trips and something a little different, the pointers below help showcase what’s so special about this sort of establishment.

Personal touches, local tips

You can expect to be looked after in a bed and breakfast in a different way to your classic hotel or vacation rental. Because these locally owned spots typically have just a few rooms, the proprietors are free to focus their service and make things personal. That means special requests – a bottle of bubbly waiting in your suite, perhaps? And it means you’ll get in-the-know tips on the best restaurants and bars around.

Historic bed and breakfasts near you

If there’s a destination nearby that’s famed for its rich heritage – a railroad town, perhaps, an old mining settlement, or a vintage beach resort – you can almost be certain that the B&Bs there have mastered the art of infusing their suites with that storied past. In fact, oodles of guest houses occupy listed buildings in the midst of National Historic Districts, promising a sojourn in a spot that’s steeped in culture.

Spine-tingling haunted bed and breakfasts near you

There’s a whole medley of goose bump-raising bed and breakfasts in haunted homes and small towns. Whether you have one within reach will depend on where you’re coming from, but particular hot spots include Salem, MA, with its tales of witch trials, the Antebellum dame of a city that’s GA’s Savannah, and – of course – the jazz jiving French Quarter of New Orleans.

There’s almost certainly a romantic B&B near you

Romance is such a key factor of bed and breakfasts that you can almost be sure to find a vacation escape that will start tugging at the heart strings right around the corner. These are the inns and lodges that have enticing frills for couples, ranging from on-site massage parlors with spa packages for duos, to steamy hot tubs with stargazing above.

Finding B&Bs that are really close

A luxurious guest house with its own swimming pool and decking area

Gone are the days of strolling into hotel lobbies and hoping there’s still a vacancy. Now, there’s pre-booking on a whole host of channels and formats, with online portals the most common of all. What’s more, web-based B&B searches have revolutionized the way we look for lodges that are close by. The tips below reveal all.

Use online map tools to find B&Bs near to you

You’re no longer limited to sifting through reams of accommodation listings when you’re on the hunt for that bed and breakfast close by. Loads of booking platforms help things along with nifty map tools. You’ll be able to zoom in and out, see the precise location of potential B&Bs, and even discover unexpected destinations that are just a short drive away.

Destination searches can be really specific

These days, web-based accommodation providers have really detailed destination databases. So, be as specific as you like with your B&B search. Say you’re after a little Creole-flavored home away from home in New Orleans, for example. It’s no longer about scouring the whole Big Easy. You can zero in on particular neighborhoods, whether it’s the quaint cottage rows of Marigny or the handsome farm estates of the Garden District.

Make use of filters

Filters are an all-important aspect of searching for bed and breakfasts that are near to you. After typing in the name of the spot you’re looking to explore, you can then whittle down the results even further by eliminating establishments that don’t fit the bill. Want somewhere with an ocean view? It’s a tick away. Want a B&B with a hot tub? Just click.

Scoring cheap B&Bs near you

A brick-built cottage with lichen-strewn slate roofs and a gravel drive out front

Being on the lookout for guest houses, inns, and heritage-rich lodges near to you can mean you’re in the running to get some great bargains. Why? The pointers below reveal just a few of the reasons…

Last-minute rates are often attractive

Because your potential vacation getaway is going to be close, it means you can afford to be a little more spontaneous than you normally would. With rates for rooms fluctuating throughout the seasons, you can be the first to pounce when things hit the wallet-friendly end of the spectrum. You might need to be willing to pack the bags at the last minute, though.

Heading to areas you might not have thought of

If focusing on finding bed and breakfasts that are close to you is the priority, you’re not tied to particular destinations or neighborhoods. Unlike the sightseers who head to Washington DC for Capitol Hill, or Big Apple goers with their heart set on Manhattan’s skyscrapers, you’re free to choose the most affordable districts, so long as they aren’t too far off.