Be taken by bed and breakfasts in Newport, RI

Be taken by bed and breakfasts in Newport, RI

Whether you come to aweigh anchor and glide around the coves of Rhode Island on a catamaran or simply gorge on the bounty of the ocean in the celebrated seafood bistros, there’s oodles to be said for booking a bed and breakfast in Newport, RI, over your conventional hotel. They’re unique and historic, personalized and downright romantic, not to mention often cheaper than large-scale vacation rentals and sleek resorts…

The unique character of B&Bs in Newport

A beige-tinted bed and breakfast in Newport with a path leading to a brown front door

Get a feel for the sorts of features and styles you can expect from Newport’s bed and breakfasts with the pointers below. Here’s to salt-washed naval lodgings and historic homes that can trace their roots back to the 1700s…

Nautical themes abound

True to the long seafaring history of this once-Colonial town, there’s a real maritime element to many of the bed and breakfasts in Newport, RI. That might mean a suite that’s painted in fresh blues and whites, antique ship’s wheels or navigation equipment on display, or a breakfast that champions the fruits of the ocean in the morning.

A real local touch

It shouldn’t be too hard to find a vacation rental that oozes luxury in Newport. But what about somewhere with a hearty, wholesome twist of the local character? Cue storied sailor inns and shanty taverns, where you’ll sleep in centuries-old buildings and get to quiz the owners on the very best lobster shacks and rum bars around.

Awesome locations for Newport B&Bs

A charming B&B in Newport, with glowing lights and white-painted timbers, surrounded by lawns covered in snow

If you haven’t been to Rhode Island’s sailing haven before and need to get your bearings, the pointers below can help. They’ll take you through the wave-splashed beaches and down to the catamaran-bobbing ocean in search of the most enticing spots to snag a stay in a Newport B&B.

Be right in the thick of the action

To stay in the company of sea dogs and regatta sailors, there’s really nowhere better than the heart of Newport. You’ll find bed and breakfasts that fringe the sides of America’s Cup Avenue. They’ll put you within walking distance of the harbor and its yacht clubs, and the Newport Historic District, where gleaming church steeples spike the skies and handsome Colonial buildings dot the blocks.

Easton’s Beach B&Bs

The most celebrated stretch of sand in Newport is Easton’s Beach. It’s easy to see why. As it arcs along a wide spit between Easton Pond and Easton Bay, it’s all pristine powder and surf shacks. It’s also the start of the iconic Newport Cliff Walk, which wiggles around the eastern shores of Aquidneck Island to reveal hidden coves and rock tunnels.

Get a bed and breakfast in Newport, RI, right by the ocean

Of course, the most sought-after B&Bs and inns in Newport are the ones that sit perched above the salt-spraying Atlantic Ocean. It’s normal for them to really make the most of their prime position, with gardens that lead straight on to the bucket-list Cliff Walk, or rooms with wide windows overlooking the sound.

Scoring bargains on bed and breakfasts in Newport, RI

A large vacation rental with a big porch, grassy grounds, and shingle cladding waits by some trees in Newport, RI

Everyone likes to cut the cost of their accommodation, whether it’s a seaside jaunt to the beach or an escape to the mountains. In Newport, RI, saved cents can add to the lobster-buffet fund and give you more clout when you come to charter that yacht for a day. They are all reasons to follow the tips below…

Always book well in advance

Newport is one of Rhode Island’s premier sailing and coastal vacation destinations. That means there’s always plenty of folk jostling for the best vacation rentals, whether they’re after one of the sleek mansions on Bellevue Av or a homey B&B by the Atlantic. You’ll need to book early and beat the crowds if you’re determined to snag a bargain.

Skip the summer sailing season

Unless you’re looking to hoist the mainsail during the vibrant summertime regattas, it’s usually a good idea to skip the months between June and August if you’re searching for a wallet-friendly deal. Early spring and September, in fall, tend to be great alternatives, when the weather’s warm enough to laze on Easton’s Beach, but bed and breakfasts tend to cost considerably less.

Stray from the heart of the town itself

While the happening quaysides might be where the action’s at, you can always drop in for your fix of East Coast lobster and designer shopping and retreat out again. Doing that means you’re free to pick bed and breakfasts in Newport, RI, that are a little further away from the town center, where sea views and green gardens are the norm, and prices tend to be lower overall.