Bed and breakfasts in Ohio – a destination guide

Bed and breakfasts in Ohio – a destination guide

The best bed and breakfasts in Ohio can whisk you off to some of the Midwest’s most amazing places. They nestle on the banks of Lake Erie with one foot in bumping amusement parks and the other in forested reserves. They might clutch the Appalachian Mountains or can drop you in the midst of majestic 1800s neighborhoods with smiling locals and cozy cafés. This guide can help you pinpoint the best spot for your next vacay to the Buckeye State…

Choose a bed and breakfast in Cleveland, Ohio

A quaint home with wood slats and a manicured yard laced with small shrubs

Get ready to rock out – this is the guitar-twanging, drum-cracking home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But it’s not all Hendrix memorabilia and Elvis’s hip shaking. It’s also about delving into charming neighborhoods that filter away from the lakeside, where you’ll catch bed and breakfasts in Cleveland huddling amid the West Side’s farmer’s markets or sharing sidewalks with microbreweries and roaster cafes in Ohio City.

Bucolic escapes in Northeast Ohio

As you move out of the beating heart of Cleveland and the old industrial cities that speckle the sides of Lake Erie, you enter a land of softly undulating fields and rickety barns with whitewashed walls and grain silos. Welcome to Amish country, which extends over portions of Holmes and Geauga counties. Sticking to the rural areas here opens up some enticingly out-of-town bed and breakfasts in Northeast Ohio – think cabins and farm conversions set to the sound of clip-clopping horse and carts.

Fly into bed and breakfasts in Dayton, Ohio

Hit the huge hangars of the Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the high-octane exhibits of the National Museum of the U. S. Air Force to trace the long heritage of aviation and engineering that’s unraveled in Dayton. And it’s not all up in the air, either. Bed and breakfasts in Dayton, Ohio, can take you to alluring corners of the outskirts and other sleepy neighborhoods. They could be historic grist mills on the bends of the Little Miami River, or half-timbered Tudor inns on lawn-lined streets, for example.

The rustic B&Bs of Southeast Ohio

Chairs and a table sit on the deck of a cozy Ohio cottage

Southeast Ohio sees the Midwest landscapes crumple skywards. Oak groves, maples, hemlock trees, and babbling creeks take over, heralding the start of mighty Appalachia. The region known as the Hocking Hills has waterfalls and rock bridges, cleft out by cave systems and gorges. Then there’s the Ohio River Valley, with its wide waters and wooded banks. B&Bs in these parts look every inch the remote lodge or pioneer cabin, often putting hiking paths right on the doorstep.

Columbus – for a bed and breakfast in Ohio’s capital

There’s a real buzz about Columbus. Festivals bring Delta blues and Mississippi jazz to the honky-tonks from the south. There are districts that ooze industrial grit thanks to the age-old manufacturing base. There are Creole kitchens and BBQ joints merging with fine-dining gastronomy on the sidewalks. Look for enchanting guest houses in artsy neighborhoods like Short North and schnitzel-scented German Village.

A stay for the whole family in Sandusky

A unique vacation rental in Ohio with large windows opening onto a green lawn

Loop-de-looping rollercoasters and rip-roaring flume rides that are bound to set the heart a-racing are the name of the game in sandusky. But even beyond the iconic Cedar Point Amusement Park, there are family draws aplenty. Shipwrecks and old-timey carousels are the subject of the local museums, and the banks of Lake Erie host picnicking parks and beaches, along with B&B stays with leafy grounds and BBQ grills.

City living in Cincinnati

Choosing a bed and breakfast in Ohio’s largest city is a chance to break away from the forest of steel-clad high rises at its heart and explore more off-radar districts. That might mean settling in Mount Adams, where half-timbered cottages mingle with Bavarian-style church belfries in a homage to old Europe. Or, it could mean having Hyde Park’s eclectic shopping and global dining scene right next door.