A guide to bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma

A guide to bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma

This guide bursts with money-saving tips and information on what to expect from bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma, helping you put together a truly unique and personalized adventure in the Sooner State. It also ranges from the rolling Great Plains and prairies, through artsy cities, and over the sculpted granite bluffs of the Wichita Mountains, throwing out oodles of destination suggestions along the way.

Unique types of bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma

A cabin-style guest house overlooks the plains of Oklahoma with mountains rising in the background

The bed and breakfasts of Oklahoma are an eclectic bunch. Look one way and there’s a moss-caked cabin nestled in beech forests. Turn another and it’s an inner-city villa with a pool. Hit the prairies and you’ll catch old ranches with grassy gardens and a cowboy feel. But what will you choose?

Cabin-style B&Bs in Oklahoma

Want to feel like a bona fide adventurer making for the Old West frontier? Looking to channel the spirit of the historic pioneers? There are cabin-style bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma that offer just that. You’ll find them studding the great grasslands or hidden beneath the sinewy escarpments of the Wichita Mountains.

Historic bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma

The rich past of the Sooner State is very much alive and kicking in its B&Bs. Delve into the Bricktown warehouses of Oklahoma City and you can find 19th-century depots turned to boutique inns. Head for Guthrie and it’s all spur-spinning honky-tonks that look plucked from a Clint Eastwood flick. And that’s not even mentioning the wealth of bed and breakfasts that are located in designated historic districts, oozing Victorian charm.

Romantic and luxurious boutique stays in OKlahoma

Steaming hot tubs that sit under twinkling stars on the prairies meet bespoke massage services and breakfasts of farm-to-table goodies in some of the guest houses of Oklahoma, while others tout antique-brimming lounges and grandiose primary suites with canopy beds and balconies. These are the crème-de-la-crème of the crop, offering something truly special on the old frontier.

Some of Oklahoma’s best bed and breakfast destinations

A grand mansion B&B with brick walls and a landscaped yard filled with trees

Whether you come to tread the trails of the coast-to-coast pioneers or feel the beating pulse of modern OKC, there’s sure to be somewhere with a bed and breakfast that fits. Just check the pointers below…

Guthrie for Frontier Country escapes

The town of Guthrie is the hub of the Old West. It’s at the heart of a land of erstwhile American Indian reservations and dusty plains. But you might not be able to pull yourself away from the historic district at its heart, where B&Bs hide behind the redbrick faces of door-slapping saloons and centuries-past blacksmith shops.

Your bed and breakfast in OKC

Bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma City are a chance to delve into the mosaic of neighborhoods that makes up this hustling, bustling state capital. They revolve around the Central district in a medley of rancher museums and wiggling canals lined with cafés. Start with the Adventure District, perhaps, where you’ll explore the tale of cowboys and the railroad. Then, head to Bricktown, which has urban B&Bs in chic lofts next to babbling canals. Finally, consider the Paseo Arts District, a mix of craft emporiums and summertime farmer’s markets.

Get the thinking cap on for Norman

Another chance to see the wild edges of Oklahoma where the cowboys once roamed comes with the bed and breakfasts of Norman. These accommodations beckon you to one of the most learned towns in the state, what with the art museums and lecture halls of the University of Oklahoma right on the doorstep. You can usually find them fringing the forested roadways on the edges of town, close to the fishing and hiking hot spot of Lake Thunderbird.

Scoring the best deals on bed and breakfasts in Oklahoma

A rustic country B&B with a patio and a wood-fired stove outside

Jaunts to the Great Plains and the swaying grasslands of rolling Oklahoma don’t have to break the bank. Even a stay in an historic bed and breakfast in OKC or a rustic ranch on the prairies can be a bargain, just as the pointers below reveal…

Booking early means lower rates

There’s plenty to be said for planning your trip to the Sooner State well in advance. Not only will you be able to get excited about all the exhibits and tales of wagon caravans, but you can also rest assured that you’ll have the pick of the bargains when it comes to B&Bs, before all the wallet-friendly deals sell out.

Spring and fall can both be wonderful

There’s loads to be said for trips in months like May, when the Oklahoma grasslands are peppered with wildflowers and you can catch some of the best wildlife viewing in the Wichita Mountains. Fall is great, too, what with warm, balmy days and harvest festivals. Vacations both sides of the summer also tend to be a tad cheaper.

Venture further from the OKC

Bed and breakfasts in OKC are perhaps the most sought-after of all Oklahoma’s guest houses. Higher demand usually cranks up rates. That means you can often find places that are easier on the wallet by venturing to Frontier Country or out-of-town suburbs.