Booking a bed and breakfast in Savannah, GA

Booking a bed and breakfast in Savannah, GA

Savannah is a picture-perfect welcome to the South. Gushing fountains sprout from its magnolia-scented plazas, Antebellum homes dress the street corners, and gnarled live oaks cast shade on monument-filled parks. If that sounds like a suitable backdrop for homey vacation escapes, that’s because it is. Just check out this guide to all the enchanting inns and bed and breakfasts in Savannah, GA, there are to pick from…

Types of Savannah B&Bs to consider

A compact patio behind a green-and-red painted cottage in Savannah

The bed and breakfasts of Savannah come in all shapes and sizes. Handsome Antebellum façades adorn some of them. There are deluxe suites for romantic types. And there are even spooky lodges where spine-tingling tales of skeletal remains and specters abound.

Historic bed and breakfasts are everywhere in Savannah

From elegant mansions built in the 1800s to old inns that can trace their tale back to the Revolutionary War, there’s really no shortage of establishments that come with a hefty side order of history in this storied city. Some have even worked hard to preserve their age-old interiors or grand exteriors, and have owners who are more than eager to share the past of the building you’ll be staying in.

Romance and luxury in the top-class B&Bs

The charms of Savannah are easy to see – this is a city ready to get the heart beating faster and the pulse racing. A glimpse of dangling Spanish moss here, a touch of Neo-Classical architecture there – it can seem tailor-made for couples on a honeymoon. Throw in the deluxe B&B options and it becomes even better. In those, you can enjoy steaming hot tubs, private spa facilities, and cooked-to-order breakfasts each morning.

Haunted bed and breakfasts in Savannah, GA

The tumultuous past of Savannah is riddled with Revolutionary sieges and social upheavals. The result is a town that’s often touted as the most haunted in all of America. Cue bed and breakfasts with their own resident ghosts and goose bump-rising legends. Think you can handle them?

Savannah neighborhoods with amazing stays

A quaint cottage-style B&B in Savannah with a wreath on its moss-green door

Before you delve into booking your Savannah B&B, it might be worth getting a feel for the map of the city. The pointers below can take you through the immersive old quarters, the cobbled center, and out to lesser-known parts of town, all in search of that perfect vacation escape.

The immersive Savannah Historic District

The oldest part of the oldest city in Georgia certainly doesn’t disappoint. A mesh of cobblestone streets where horse and carriages clip-clop between oak-topped lawns and Greek-Revival mansions, Savannah Historic District is a place to tug at the heart strings and get you sighing with nostalgia. It’s also a hot spot for historic guest houses, which reside in grandiose mansions with Victorian façades and Antebellum exteriors.

Irresistible Forsyth Park

The moss-draped hardwood trees and the filigreed fountains of Forsyth Park herald one of the most serene and stunning corners of the city. It’s huddled right on the edge of the main historic quarter, encircled by bed and breakfasts that are overwhelmingly elegant and romantic.

Break away to the Georgian coast

If the heat of the city is just a little too much but you still want to be within reach of Savannah’s haunting cemeteries and fountain-babbling squares, a getaway on nearby Tybee Island could be what’s needed. There are lodges there with creaking wood decks with rocking chairs overlooking cotton-tinted sands and the frothing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Scoring great deals on Savannah B&Bs

A vacation rental in Georgia with a big yard that's shaded by a tree covered in Spanish moss

With all those Southern soul food evenings and horse-and-carriage rides through historic districts to fund, it’s easy to see why you might want to cut the cost of bed and breakfasts in Savannah, GA. Cue the handy hints below…

Avoid the summertime rush

Even though most people will be jostling for the best B&Bs in Savannah between the months of June and August, most locals will tell you that the midsummer isn’t the top time to visit the eye-catching city. In fact, fall tends to be less humid, offering enchanting colors in Forsythe Park, and plenty of festivals. What’s more, rates will usually drop the closer to the winter you go.

Booking early can work wonders

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, and one of the best-preserved historic centers in the South as well. So, it’s hardly a surprise that there’s high demand for heritage-steeped accommodations like bed and breakfasts. That means the search for good bargains should start well in advance, before other travelers come a-looking.