Booking bed and breakfasts in Seattle

Booking bed and breakfasts in Seattle

So, you’re looking to skip large-scale hotel resorts in favor of something more local in the Emerald City this year? Perhaps you want an in-the-know intro to Pike Place Market? Maybe you’re pining after immersive neighborhood stays near offbeat cafés and vintage boutiques? Cue bed and breakfasts in Seattle, which provide unique and out of the ordinary accommodations in this buzzing Pacific Northwest metropolis.

Features and styles of bed and breakfasts in Seattle

A cottage patio with a nautical feel and a seat constructed from concrete blocks

One of the first things to consider when it comes to booking B&Bs in Seattle – or anywhere, for that matter – is the type of stay you’re after. Are you one for historic lodgings with intriguing tales to tell? Or, do you prefer modern suites with all the creature comforts? Some things to think about are listed below.

Seattle has plenty of romantic B&Bs

If there’s one type of vacation accommodation in Seattle that can really help get the romance a-going, it’s surely the bed and breakfast. Loads will come with dedicated honeymoon suites where you can expect flourishes of endearing art or personalized touches. Others offer champagne packages for those surprises on check in, couples’ massage sessions if you’re looking to unwind, and more.

Bed and breakfasts in Seattle that have a historic feel

Seattle might not be among the oldest cities in the nation, but it’s still got its fair share of vacation escapes that come steeped in heritage. That means turn-of-the-century townhouses with listed status and old cabin-style lodges on the wooded outskirts – accommodations that promise a story, not just a stay.

B&Bs with gourmet smorgasbords in Seattle

A leafy patio with red-hued brickwork sits outside a grey-painted guest house

A bed and breakfast in Seattle could be your chance to gorge on the bountiful kitchen of the Pacific Northwest region. Morning meals always come as standard, and you can expect platters of Washington apples and pears, sweet fruit juices from Cascades orchards, and home-cooked pancakes. And in the evening? There are on-site bistros that serve up salty seafood sourced straight from Pike Place Market.

A guide to Seattle neighborhoods for B&B bookers

A Victorian-look cottage painted grey with bay windows and an upstairs porch

Choosing the right bed and breakfast in Seattle is one thing. Choosing the right neighborhood is something else entirely. The Rain City is best considered as a mosaic of districts, each with their own unique vibe and range of guest houses. A few of the most enticing are listed below…

Eye-watering sights in Queen Anne

Draped over a high hill in the heart of Seattle, Queen Anne is a grand dame of a neighborhood. Stunning views of the coast and the sound are backed up by equally stunning architecture – a blue-tinted cottage here, a Victorian-styled B&B there. The area also merges with central Seattle with its gritty Cubano eateries, sizzling BBQ grills, and – of course – the soaring Space Needle.

Hipsters assemble in Fremont

New York has Greenwich Village, San Fran has Mission, LA has Venice. And Seattle? Well, Seattle has Fremont. It’s an area where skinny jeans and twirled moustaches can seem compulsory, especially as you hop between the roastery cafes sipping single-origin Costa Rican brews, or trawl the vinyl shops for vintage Nirvana.

Hitting the beaches in West Seattle

You could be forgiven for thinking that you’d traded the Pacific Northwest for laid-back SoCal if you mosey on over to West Seattle. It’s just a quick zip on the water taxi from the buzz of Pike Place Market to this one, but boy does it feel like a different world. Log-strewn sands meet the sloshing waters of the Puget Sound, and vacation rentals fringe the shoreline blocks with balconies and patios.

Ballard’s bed and breakfasts

A cocktail of Scandi design studios and creative art workshops, Ballard would feel right at home in Stockholm or Denmark. Only it’s here, spilling into the Pacific Ocean on the side of Washington state. The upshot? Expect extraordinary homestays and guest houses run by passionate locals and surrounded by cutting-edge kitchens.

Hop across to Bainbridge

Bainbridge has bed and breakfasts that are a ticket to a totally different side of the city. These are the spots that fringe yacht-filled harbors on the western haunch of the Puget Sound. They huddle between wetland reserves and manicured parks, and usually tout sweeping panoramas of the Cascade Mountains in the distance.