Bed and breakfasts in Washington DC – a booking companion

Bed and breakfasts in Washington DC – a booking companion

Why go it alone when it comes to booking that characterful bed and breakfast in Washington DC? This booking companion can help you uncover enchanting neighborhoods steeped in Colonial-era tales, pick out the most charming stays of the bunch, and even snag somewhere that’s sure to get the romance a-flowing…

Your bed and breakfast in DC neighborhood guide

A wood-slatted Washington DC home with half-timbered walls on a leafy street

Knowing where to go in the country’s capital is really important. Different districts come with unique atmospheres and looks, offering all sorts of adventures and experiences. Cue the guide below, which scours the banks of the Potomac in search of the metropolis’s most immersive quarters.

It’s all going on in Georgetown

From the moment you set foot in the buzzing blocks of Georgetown, you’re likely to see exactly why this happening neighborhood is a doozy for B&Bs in Washington DC. First off, it’s brimming with handsome Federal-style buildings that make the perfect home for historic inns and lodges. And it’s got cobbled streets where coffeehouses and college brewpubs spill onto the sidewalks. And it’s encircled by leafy parks that have seafood grills fringing the Potomac River.

Monuments and sights abound in Capitol Hill

Be sure to have a Sharpie at hand to strike lines from your bucket list if you manage to snag one of the coveted B&Bs of Capitol Hill. This is where the great Neo-Classical domes of the US Capitol Building loom overhead, where you’ll find the home of the Supreme Court, and the prestigious Library of Congress. Only, expect to get lodgings in the quieter residential blocks further east, where historic rowhouses front leafy avenues.

History oozes from Alexandria

It’s easy to see why sightseers often opt to hop away from the bustling National Mall and book a bed and breakfast in Washington DC’s history-rich neighbor, Alexandria. Hailed as one of the best-preserved Colonial cities in the country, it’s packed with taverns and coach houses that can trace their story back to the 1600s. You might even get a bed near Mount Vernon, the onetime home of George Washington. And it’s all only a few stops on the metro from the heart of the capital.

Dupont Circle – dining and mingling

A swirl of Southern BBQ joints, Anglo gastropubs, Irish bars, Japanese sushi kitchens, craft beer bars, and Michelin-starred Parisian bistros revolves around Dupont Circle. It’s one of the gastronomic hubs of DC, and there are plenty of guest houses and B&Bs in the vicinity that are just perfect for discerning foodies.

The various types of bed and breakfasts available in DC

An exposed brick wall runs through a stylish interior seating area in a Washington DC rental

In such a sprawling metropolis, where eclectic districts converge on mighty monuments, it should hardly come as a surprise that there are oodles of different types of B&B to pick from. Whether it’s a heritage-steeped or luxurious establishment that you’re after, the pointers below can help…

Historic bed and breakfasts are plentiful in Washington DC

Neighborhoods like Georgetown and Capitol Hill, along with National Historic towns like Alexandria, ensure there’s always somewhere that can whisk you away to another era on the bends of the Potomac River. So, get ready for handsome Federal-style B&Bs or 17th-century cottages, interiors adorned with portraits of George Washington, and inns that spill onto cobbled lanes near crooked taverns where revolutionaries once drank.

Luxurious bed and breakfasts in Washington

Washington’s no stranger to five-star service. You only need to look to the most luxurious bed and breakfasts the capital has to offer to see that. These are the elegant stays that channel their Colonial roots and fuse them with modern technology. They are the places that have on-site spas and whirlpool baths, sumptuous breakfast spreads sourced from farmer’s markets, and leafy lawns where you can share romantic moments with your other half.

Scoring cheap B&Bs in Washington DC

A wrought-iron staircase leads to a historic home in Washington DC

The good news about choosing bed and breakfasts in DC is that these homey stays don’t have to break the bank. That’s especially true if you follow the pointers below, which can cut the cost of rooms with a morning meal considerably, leaving you more for the National Mall and jaunts to Colonial Alexandria.

Book your city escape nice and early

Everyone wants to explore the sprawling exhibition rooms of the Smithsonian Institutions and snap selfies outside the White House. That’s why DC’s bed and breakfasts are always in high demand. To be certain you’re in the running to grab the best deals of all, you’ll want to book early before the crowds come a-calling.

Widen your search to include off-beat areas

You don’t have to be right next door to the Lincoln Memorial and Constitution Avenue to be able to make the most of a trip to the capital. There’s an uber-efficient metro system in this big city, so you can check off all the main sights while staying further afield, in suburbs where there’s more peaceful vibes and lower rates.

Winter visits can be bargains

The bulk of the sightseers will flock to DC between June and August. To beat the crowds, have more room to wonder at the priceless artworks of the National Gallery, and get the most wallet-friendly rates, you could plan your jaunt for months like November or January, instead. They are typically the cheapest of all.