Booking the best bed and breakfasts in Virginia

Booking the best bed and breakfasts in Virginia

So, you’re after the best bed and breakfasts in Virginia? Good choice. These are vacation rentals with a difference. In a state brimming with tales of Colonial settlements and hard-fought Civil War battles, revolution and Blue Ridge pioneers, they can whisk you away from the Rat Race and get you immersed in it all. This guide reveals what sort of guest houses are on the menu, along with some destination inspiration for those who haven’t traveled the Old Dominion before.

Alluring settings for bed and breakfasts in Virginia

A green-tinted cottage by the beaches of Virginia, with a porch and white-painted chairs out front

Rolling from the salt-sprayed Atlantic Ocean to the forested depths of Appalachia, Virginia certainly has plenty of enticing natural settings up its sleeve. Punctuating those are equally as enticing cities, where you can lose yourself in tales of Colonial settlers and unravel the story of the Civil War.

Winery B&Bs in Virginia

Virginia’s wine country starts on the fringes of Washington DC and extends up the low foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. That makes for a darn fine backdrop for combined vineyard-B&Bs. Of course, you’ll have stunning views of the peaks, but also farm-to-table bistros and tasting rooms right on site.

Bed and breakfasts by the coast in Virginia

Virginia’s coast is splintered by colossal Chesapeake Bay but also adorned with handsome barrier islands. The latter stretch out towards the Carolinas on the southern edge of the state, which is where you can snag wave-view cottages and inns with decks that sometimes lead straight to the dunes and the sands.

Mountain escapes in Virginia

Hazy dashes of emerald woods roll for mile upon mile in the wild Highland region of Virginia. It’s up here that you can step on the trails of the Shenandoah Valley and discover gushing waterfalls by bear-stalked state parks. It’s also the place to go for quaint cottages and cabins in B&Bs deep in the forests.

A Virginia bed and breakfast in a historic town

Virginia’s where it all started for the USA, some say. English settlers pulled up into a corner of Chesapeake Bay in the early 1600s and founded their first colony in the New World. As the decades passed, cities like Williamsburg popped up in their wake, and you can still venture to them to find cozy taverns where patriots once planned revolution against the crown.

Scoring bargain deals on Virginia B&Bs

A wood-walled cabin with a hot tub sits in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia

Why pay extra for even the very best bed and breakfasts in Virginia? You can cut the costs of a jaunt to these alluring establishments by following the handy hints below. That should leave more for the Virginia Beach cotton candies and Appalachian hiking maps.

Skip the summer season

The months between June and August are prime time for bed and breakfasts in Virginia. Hikers come to the ones dotting the Blue Ridge Mountains and sunbathers flock to the spots by the coast. That said, you can still catch beach-worthy days in spring and fall, not to mention foliage displays in the Appalachian forests, even though rates tend to dip a little.

Book as early as you can

Sights like Williamsburg, the blue crab shacks of Chesapeake, and rollicking Virginia Beach all mean that bed and breakfasts in this age-old state are often in high demand. Anyone on the quest for a bargain might want to start looking early, before all the wallet-friendly rooms have been booked up.

Destinations with the best bed and breakfasts in Virginia

A white-painted Virginia home with steep-gabled roofs and a picket-fence yard

From ocean to mountain peak, there are some spots in the Old Dominion that really stand out from the crowd. They are the places that’ll have you awestruck by gushing Appalachian waterfalls and craggy summits. They are the ones where you’ll wake in B&Bs that spill down to shores once trodden by European settlers. Tempted yet?

A Shenandoah bed and breakfast that’s to die for

There are few reserves in the whole of the Appalachian chain as famed for their beauty as Shenandoah National Park. Like a lost Shangri-La in the Blue Ridge, this wiggling cleft of wooded hills and hidden waterfalls is a mecca for hikes and scenic drives. What’s more, its boundaries are fringed by elegant country B&Bs. Look for your Shenandoah bed and breakfast in and around places like Charlottesville and Harrisonburg.

Wonderful Williamsburg – prepare for stacks of history

Snag yourself a B&B near Colonial Williamsburg and things could take a turn for the strange. Uniformed redcoats carrying musket rifles might march past your porch at night. There’s forever the clip-clop of horse and buggies around the cobblestones. And you might find yourself caught up in re-enactments of some of the pivotal moments in the Revolutionary War. The town’s a living, breathing history museum.

Bed and breakfasts in Virginia Beach

Spreading along the coast from Chesapeake Bay to the frothing waves of the Atlantic, Virginia Beach is one of the most iconic towns on the East Coast. Head here for fun-filled vacays of sandcastle building and gorging on blue crab. Or, come to tread where English settlers first touched ground in 1607. Little guest houses tend to be found further away from the Boardwalk and the heart of the buzzy town.