Our sixth annual Best B&B Breakfast Tournament features some of the most innovative and mouthwatering morning recipes we've seen to date! Hundreds of BedandBreakfast.com innkeepers submitted their most loved, most original and most delectable breakfast creations. With the help of a panel of expert guest judges, we narrowed the field to 16 finalists. Want to try a bite? Book a stay (these amazing dishes are served at their respective inns) or click on the recipe links below.

Our 2017 guest judges were:

WINNER: Elvis Toast with Candied Bacon by Chestnut Street Inn, SHEFFIELD, ILLINOIS

"We love to theme our menus and that includes breakfast. Guests love hearing the story behind the food. It adds to the 'fun factor' and is just another way we like to express our unique personalities to our guests. In this case, we used to live in Las Vegas and of course Elvis was King of the Strip. So we thought we'd do a play on his favorite food—which was a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich—and turn it into an epic, fun and delicious breakfast. It's literally the 'King of Breakfasts.'"—Monika Sudakov, innkeeper

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Potato, Ham and Cheddar Waffle by Aldrich Guest House, GALENA, ILLINOIS

"Utilizing traditional Midwestern breakfast ingredients of potatoes, ham, cheese and eggs, our potato, ham and cheddar waffles elevate the mundane and usual into something unexpected and extraordinary. Top them off with a sprinkle of chives or red pepper flakes and guests have a breakfast that matches the rest of their unrivaled experience at Aldrich Guest House." — Robert Mahan, innkeeper

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Basted Eggs Over Sweet Potato Hash Brown and Southwest Greens Topped with Homemade Salsa by Wolf Cove Inn, POLAND, MAINE

"This recipe has evolved over the years. It started with a cream sauce over the hash brown and spinach. In 2015, we changed to a blend of spinach and arugula. In 2016, we added the southwest vinaigrette and replaced the cream salsa with a charred corn, red pepper and black bean salsa to lighten things up. In late 2016, we eliminated the wheat flour and used rice flour instead so it can be enjoyed by our gluten free guests. This past winter, we put the latest spin on the salsa topping. We may continue to evolve the recipe, but we think we are approaching perfection, or so our guests tell us!" — Roy Forsberg, innkeeper

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Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with Alligator Pear Relish, Poached Egg, Smoked Yellow Pepper Paint and Sauce Maltaise by Beechwood Inn, CLAYTON, GEORGIA

"While visiting Charleston South Carolina—one of our favorite culinary destinations—we brunched at Poogan’s Porch, one of Charleston’s oldest independent culinary establishments. It offers a fresh approach to Low Country cuisine. On the menu that morning was crab cake eggs Benedict. Both Gayle and I ordered it for brunch and loved it. [It had] wonderful flavors of Low Country cuisine, so we decided to replicate it at Beechwood Inn. But we would need to add the flair and expectations of what such a meal should be when taken to the next level at a bed and breakfast.

"Rather than the standard hollandaise sauce, we subbed sauce maltaise and included a bottom layer of luxurious avocado relish. Next is the fresh crab cake that we topped with an organic poached Wolffolk Valley farm egg. We added fresh herbs and edible flowers from our culinary garden. For a little more color we drizzled the plate with some smoked yellow pepper paint and leaned a crispy pancetta round. [The dish features a] beautiful presentation and offers a rich panoply of flavors." — David Draugh, innkeeper

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Baked Custardy French Pear Pancake with Raspberries by Olde Rhinbeck Inn, RHINBECK, NEW YORK

This light and fluffy fruit pancake is baked in a spring-form pan until golden brown, then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Use fresh or frozen raspberries and canned or fresh pears.

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Eggs Glencairn by Inn at Glencairn, PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY

"The guests who are served eggs Glencairn love it for the mix of what I think of as elegant flavors—toasted croissant and crispy prosciutto ham bring in crunch and a touch of saltiness. My hollandaise presents more like a dressing than a sauce, and ties all the flavors of raw greens and sauteed vegetables with the flavors below it. The beauty of a perfectly poached egg atop all the lovely colors of Mother Nature bring out sighs and iPhones for photos to post. It is a rare occasion when this dish comes back with anything but crumbs ... making me smile." — Lydia Oakes, chef and innkeeper.

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Black Cherry Mocha Dutch Baby with Dark Chocolate Ganache and Almond Whipped Cream by the Londonderry Inn, CAMPBELLTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA

"Our beautifully restored 1840s bed and breakfast is just minutes from Chocolate Town, U.S.A., and offers a rare elegance in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch countryside. I want my guests to be just as awe-stricken when they sit down for breakfast as they were when they entered their opulent guest rooms, and creating this sophisticated version of a Dutch baby drizzled with locally made dark chocolate has done just that. The enticing presentation and delightful layering of flavors in this dish leaves my guests wide eyed and smiling from start to finish." — Laurel Vargas, innkeeper.

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Montana Morning by Good Medicine Lodge, WHITEFISH, MONTANA

"Montana's many rivers, lakes and streams draw fishing enthusiasts in search of the varied species of trout. Our signature trout cake combines this sporting interest with our love of all things culinary and local. The trout cake is the main event highlighted in this gourmet breakfast. The base of the dish is a savory corn pancake upon which sits the trout cake topped with a poached egg, and we serve it with a dollop of dill shallot sauce." — Betsy Cox, innkeeper.

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Chilaquiles by Featherbed Railroad Bed and Breakfast Resort, NICE, CALIFORNIA

"We lived in San Diego for 26 years before buying the Featherbed Railroad and moving to Northern California. San Diego, being so close to the Mexican border, is rich with Mexican heritage and great food. I decided to showcase a little of that flavor in our breakfasts, and the guests love it. The thing that makes great Mexican food is the sauces. Therefore, this chilaquiles recipe starts with a rich flavorful sauce, which can then be topped with a variety of ingredients: meat, beans, eggs and lots of colorful vegetable garnishes. This recipe can easily be adjusted for any dietary restrictions (already being gluten free), and it can also be vegetarian or vegan without losing any of the flavor or interest. It’s a great little comfort food from south of the border." — June Vejar, innkeeper

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Maine Lobster and Sausage Hash with Poached Eggs and Lemony Hollandaise by the Trellis House, OGUNQUIT, MAINE

"This is one of our favorite breakfasts to serve. [It is] crunchy, sublime, sweet and savory, and our guests are always asking for the recipe. Although uncomplicated to prepare, it is a show stopper. After serving this dish we always hear moans of pleasure when walking out of the dining room and we know our gusts have taken their first bite." — Laurence Plotkin, innkeeper

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Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes with Berry Butter and Maple Glazed Bacon by Woolverton Inn, STOCKTON, NEW JERSEY

"Noted in '1,000 Places to See Before You Die in the USA and Canada,' the Woolverton Inn’s light and fluffy lemon ricotta hotcakes and maple glazed citrus peppered bacon recipe has been passed down and enhanced by our chefs over the years. This delicious sweet and savory dish is 'out of this world,' as quoted by many guests." — Mary Passalacqua, owner

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Apple Brulee Oatmeal by White Fences Inn, WATER MILL, NEW YORK

This decadent breakfast dish comprises oats, cream, vanilla bean cinnamon and sauteed apples. A crispy top of torched sugar adds the finishing touch.

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Sweet Tea Pulled Pork Over Smoked Gouda Grits with Spicy Apple Butter BBQ Sauce and Pimento Cheese by Black Dolphin Inn, NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FLORIDA

With slow-cooked barbecue pork marinated in sweet tea and creamy smoked Gouda grits, this savory breakfast features plenty of Southern-inspired flavors.

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Creme Brulee Crepes with Burnt Blood Oranges by Olea Hotel, GLEN ELLEN, CALIFORNIA

"As a sweets fanatic, I love having dessert for breakfast. This recipe is a twist on an all-time classic dessert and my personal favorite—creme brulee. At the Olea Hotel, our breakfasts are inspired by the seasonal and local produce in California Wine Country. Blood oranges, with their distinct crimson red color and unique flavor, are my ingredients of choice this time of year. We char the California blood oranges to create a warm smokiness that complements the crepes perfectly."—Chef Khambay Porterkhamsy

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Silly Delicious Strawberry and Brie Grilled Breakfast Sandwich by Inn on the Riverwalk, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS

It's grilled cheese for breakfast at Inn on the Riverwalk, where a sweet and savory combination of fresh strawberries and melted brie is served on buttered and grilled challah bread.

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Ham and Cheese Souffle Roll by Miss Spenser's of Longview Farms Bed and Breakfast, NEW VIRGINIA, IOWA

"'This recipe was given to me 20 years ago by a friend, Karen Gambino, who invited us over for brunch after church. I was amazed at how she was able to serve such an elegant dish while making it appear effortless. The beauty of this recipe is you are able to make it in advance a day or two before serving and then do the final baking 45-60 minutes before serving. What makes this special for Longview Farms is always having fresh eggs available from the hens. It is so gourmet and tasty that our guests leave with full tummies and smiling faces" — Donna Hardin, innkeeper

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