Book your bed and breakfasts in Los Angeles

Book your bed and breakfasts in Los Angeles

The sprawling megacity of LA might seem like more of a place to chase sleek villas in Bel Air or glitzy condos around Malibu, but that’s before you’ve seen the enchanting bed and breakfasts in Los Angeles that are on the menu. This guide ranges across the hustling, bustling, star-studded town, helping you zero in on enthralling districts and unforgettable stays.

Unique style and character in LA’s bed and breakfasts

An example of LA's unique B&Bs, in the form of a big glass ball set on a timber perch

True to the city where they reside, the bed and breakfasts of Los Angeles like to do things a little differently than guest houses and inns elsewhere in the country. Hip surfer retreats mingle with New Age yogi getaways, there are cool modern homes with art-filled suites, and you can unearth classic suburban stays, too…

Modern elegance abounds

Just as you might expect in the metropolis that gave the world Hollywood, there’s a designer edge to many of the vacation rentals here. That’s true of the B&Bs, too, which could be minimalist villas with glinting pools in the Bel Air cul-de-sacs, or retro 60s abodes facing the frothing waves of the Pacific down by Santa Monica Pier.

There’s a chance you’ll be pampered

Some bed and breakfasts in Los Angeles are downright luxurious, no questions. On-site spas with dedicated massage therapists meet bubbling Jacuzzi baths that boast skyline views. The rooms might have exclusive Pop Art murals and king-sized beds. The breakfasts could be cooked-to-order with ingredients sourced from California’s farms.

Amazing neighborhoods and towns with Los Angeles B&Bs

A cozy B&B in Los Angeles that has medieval elements and a large yard

The map of Los Angeles is surely one of the most discombobulating around for first-time travelers. For starters, it’s huge, spreading from sierras to salty boardwalks. And it’s got all sorts of pockets and neighborhoods, each with a unique vibe of their own.

Santa Monica’s pads set to the sound of the ocean

Feel the breeze of the Pacific and the rhythm of the surf by choosing a bed and breakfast in Santa Monica. Board rental shacks, surf-and-turf grills, slick cocktail spots, and pastel-painted homes line the oceanfront in these parts – some of the latter could even be bed and breakfasts with wave-side suites waiting for couples.

The chic clique of Hollywood and its compadres

Just a mention of Beverly Hills is usually enough to conjure images of grand mansions set in sprawling grounds. And it’s true – this is the A-lister hub of LA. As the ridges spill down from the iconic Hollywood Sign to buzzing Sunset Boulevard, you can pick out modern homes with infinity pools and boutique lodges with minimalist interiors.

Pasadena and beyond

As you move away from the Pacific Ocean and closer to the thriving tech communities of Pasadena, the Californian peaks begin to crumple the landscapes and you catch happening hoods like Eagle Rock, where art-house cinemas rub shoulders with Rockabilly-era bowling lanes. This is also a great area to find guest houses in villas with views across the city.

Your family quarters in Anaheim

The whirling rollercoasters and loop-de-looping rides of the Disneyland Resort keep Anaheim pumping with fun. And there’s more good news if you’re heading here with the whole crew, because a cluster of small-scale resorts and B&Bs in the vicinity often come with pools, hearty buffet breakfasts, and space for the rental car.

California’s wineries and coast

LA is also a fine starting point for adventures through South California and the Central Coast. You can cruise up iconic State Route 1 and find bed and breakfasts in enchanting towns like Santa Barbara, where whitewashed Spanish missions converge on adobe B&Bs. Or, head for the hills – the Santa Ynez are close, touting wine cellars and organic farms you can stay on.

How to score a bargain deal in LA’s bed and breakfasts

There's a twist of Spanish architecture to a whitewashed guesthouse in LA

Tours of Universal Studios, cultural jaunts to the Museum of Contemporary Art, surf lessons down on Venice Beach – the cost of the LA bucket list can add up. That’s why it’s a great help to have tips that can reduce the rates of bed and breakfasts in the city…

Skip the summertime and try something else

Los Angeles is a magnet for domestic and international travelers during the summer months. June to August sees the sands, from Malibu down to Orange County, fill to bursting with sunbathers. And sightseers are in abundance, too, strutting up Sunset Boulevard and scrambling to the Hollywood Sign. The upshot? Consider coming in spring or fall. Rental costs are lower, and there are fewer folk crowding the major attractions.

Always book early for sought-after neighborhoods

The fish-grilling pier and muscle-pumping beaches of Santa Monica and Venice join with Anaheim’s family draws, the old quarters of Downtown, and Hollywood to represent some of the most popular corners of the big city. If you’re planning on visiting any of the above, booking early is key. The best deals in their guest houses will always sell out fast.