Unquestionably one of the bucket-list metropolises of California, the so-called Paris of the West unfolds with high hills gilded with great mansions, salt-washed fishing wharfs, haunting prison islands, and boho districts scrawled with graffiti. For a unique experience, bed and breakfasts in San Francisco are a doozy. They tend to have intriguing designs, helpful owners, and a taste of classic West Coast vibes.

The range of B&Bs in San Francisco

Get ready to have a whole medley of bed and breakfasts in San Francisco to pick from. In this big metropolis and the greater Bay Area, you can discover all sorts of accommodations in this category. No matter if you're a romantic duo or a lone adventurer, there's sure to be something that fits.

Sumptuous West Coast stays for lovers

Pampering and the B&Bs of San Fran so often go hand in hand. Seek out the rentals that hide in less-busy parts of the city or hit Nob Hill for the opulent mansions of old American magnates. In those, you can usually indulge in massage packages, soak in whirlpool tubs, plan wine-tasting trips to Napa – you get the idea.

Historic homes are plentiful

If you're the type that likes to be immersed in the story of your destination, bed and breakfasts are often a darn fine accommodation choice. In San Francisco, you can discover them residing in gilded Victorian homes from the 1800s, waiting in retro 60s pads that ooze the beach life, and even in log-built cabins hidden in the sequoia groves on the outskirts.

Boutique bed and breakfasts in San Francisco

Guest houses that follow the boutique model are really common in this bohemian cityscape. These are the places that like to go the extra mile in terms of edgy design and bespoke service. They serve organic breakfasts sourced from farmer's markets, have collections of Californian wines for tasting, hand-made soaps in the bathrooms – that sort of thing.

An area guide for bookers of San Francisco B&Bs

The seven hills of San Francisco roll out on a peninsula that's bounded by the sloshing Bay Area, the roaring Pacific Ocean, and the great Golden Gate Bridge. To discover the part of all that that's right for your vacation, the neighborhood pointers below can help…

Sightseers assemble near Fisherman's Wharf

The piece de resistance of the San Francisco Downtown is surely Fisherman's Wharf. A whirlwind of sourdough breads and clam chowder shacks, waterfront diners and vintage penny arcades unfolds here, all with a collection of B&Bs and hotels that have sweeping views across the Bay Area and Alcatraz Island in the distance.

By the crashing waves of Ocean Beach

San Francisco's answer to LA's Venice and San Diego's Coronado is Ocean Beach. A long, cinnamon-tinted length of sand that fringes the appropriately named Sunset District, it's a place to feel the power of the Pacific and clink cocktails come evening. There are bed and breakfasts nestled in quiet streets behind the beachfront, with yards that sprout Spanish pines, forever ticking over to a homey West Coast feel.

The grandeur of Nob Hill

Clamber up the steep-incline sidewalks of Nob Hill and you'll soon be lost amid a sea of handsome Victorian buildings and mansions. This was once where the great railroad tycoons resided. These days, it's the perfect place to look for five-star bed and breakfasts in San Francisco, where antique-filled lounges give way to sumptuous suites with original design features.

Venture across to San Rafael

A mere 25-minute drive from the iconic outline of the Golden Gate Bridge is the affluent city of San Rafael. It's got bed and breakfasts that can take you away from the hustle and bustle of the center, swapping traffic-clogged blocks for 19th-century missions built in the Spanish New World style. On the horizon is Mt Tamalpais, making this an area for adventurers who want to hike foggy redwood forests and summits overlooking the ocean, too.

Getting good deals on B&Bs in San Francisco

Jaunts to Alcatraz and Napa wine-tasting days, street tours of Mission and all those salty clam chowders can put a strain on the travel budget. You'll want to save as much as possible on accommodation, then, which is where the handy hints below come in…

Booking early is always important here

San Francisco is among the country's most popular destinations. Laced with monuments and on the cusp of California's rugged northern coast, it draws sightseers and intrepid types alike. The upshot is that B&Bs are usually in high demand, which means booking early is the only way to secure wallet-friendly bargains before they sell out.

Remember that rates can spike in summer

If you're not tied down by the dates of the school and college vacations, then you might want to consider planning a jaunt to San Francisco during the spring or fall. Stats show that room prices in B&Bs all over town tend to be just a fraction of the cost in months like March and September. And there's bound to be fewer people crowding the selfie spots by the Golden Gate Bridge.