A bed and breakfast in Paris is a great way to feel truly immersed in this bucket-list capital. This guide can help you find the one that's right for you. It ranges from the boho slopes of gallery-filled Montmartre to the legendary 7th arrondissement in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, looking for affordable, elegant, and unforgettable stays along the way.

Scoring cheap bed and breakfasts in Paris, France

With all its jet-setter bistros and Michelin-starred chefs, wine bars and Chanel boutiques, Paris might not seem like a bargain travel destination. But B&Bs in Paris can be surprisingly easy on the wallet, especially if you follow the handy booking hints below to cut costs even further…

Stray away from the Eiffel Tower

Every first-time visitor to the French capital will want to at least glimpse the great Eiffel Tower. That means the area around the soaring monument – the district known as the 7th arrondissement – is always on the radar of vacationers, which can crank up prices and make it hard to get a good deal. You don't need to venture far to notice a dip in room rates, though. The quieter, more lived-in 16th is just across the river, for example, while the 15th to the west has loads of guest houses that shouldn't break the bank.

Consider winter or spring trips to France

Paris, like the rest of France, is at its busiest in the summer months. Breezy, bright days of sunshine bathe the city in warmth then, and wine bars and cafés spill onto the cobbled plazas by the Seine. And while all that sounds enticing, it can come at a cost. In fact, average prices in B&Bs dip considerably in January, February, and March.

Be prepared – book Paris B&Bs early

Because Paris tops so many bucket lists, all types of accommodations here are in high demand. That's especially true of bed and breakfasts in Paris, which add enchanting design touches and local tips the mix. To be sure you get the pick of the best deals, it's always a good idea to search for lodging as early as you can, before the bulk of travelers book their home near the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.

Neighborhoods in Paris with amazing B&Bs

Paris is a patchwork of neighborhoods. With everything from gritty blue-collar districts to ex bohemian enclaves to grand Haussmannian blocks, there's usually something for everyone. The various corners of the city are known as arrondissements, each of which can be broken into smaller areas or taken as a homogenous whole.

7th arrondissement – a home by the Eiffel Tower

The 7th is synonymous with Paris's most iconic sights. It's an affluent and aristocratic part of the capital, with Neo-Classical palaces and wide boulevards that culminate at the manicured Champ-de-Mars. It's even possible to get bed and breakfasts here with windows that open to views of the Eiffel Tower.

Magical Montmartre

Immersion? Look no further than Montmartre. This is the Paris of the postcards – a web of flower-fringed staircases and art workshops, cobbled alleys with coffee-clinking cafés, and little bakeries that issue the scents of croissants into the air. The big white church of the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur is the piece de resistance, and you might be able to snag yourself a B&B that has similar panoramas of the city and the Seine right next door to its soaring dome.

Saint-Germain-des-Pres – get your posh on

If you're heading to the City of Light for its chic wine bars and cheese platters, its boutique shops and fashion outlets, the area known as Saint-Germain-des-Pres in the 6th arrondissement is the perfect place to go. It's got some of the slickest bed and breakfasts in Paris – expect guest houses in 19th-century palaces overlooking the riverbanks.

The hidden Canal Saint-Martin

Locals will wax lyrical about the rhythms of life that carry on down by the Canal Saint-Martin. And it's true – there are bistros serving wine and tapas, there are picnickers sharing beers, there are small cafeterias hidden under arched bridges. Bed and breakfasts in Paris's student-hipster district follow suit. They have boho interiors and on-site beer bars that open onto the water's edge.

The 11th arrondissement for artsy vibes

The 11th has taken up the mantle of Paris's bohemian neighborhood extraordinaire. Channeling a little of Berlin with the electrifying jazz bars of Rue Oberkampf, it's also brimming with ethnic eateries that serve West Indian BBQ dishes and fiery African stews. There's not an overload of bed and breakfasts in this part of Paris, but the ones that do exist tend to have buckets of character.