Be captivated by bed and breakfasts in Rome

Be captivated by bed and breakfasts in Rome

Live La Dolce Vita and get a local feel for the Eternal City by choosing bed and breakfasts in Rome over conventional hotels or apartments. You’ll get warm Italian hospitality, home-cooked meals, and breakfasts of roasted coffee beans and pastries. And you can score spots that put monumental sights like the Vatican City and the Roman Forum just a few streets away.

The atmosphere of bed and breakfasts in Rome

A rooftop garden in Rome has views across the city and its pastel-painted palazzi

So, you’re opting for a bed and breakfast in Rome, Italy? Great choice. These are the vacation rentals that will immerse you in the ancient city, the ones with mama’s Italian cooking at hand, and continental meals to wake to. And that’s not even mentioning the unique architecture and atmosphere they exude…

Morning meals that are all Italian

One of the great things about B&Bs in Rome is that you won’t have to worry about finding a cafe to kick start the day. These stays always include a meal in the morning, and, what’s more, it’s usually traditional Italian fare – think fresh-baked pastries, chocolate tarts, biscuits, and – of course – strong coffee made from hand-roasted beans.

Artistic interiors abound

It simply wouldn’t be Rome without the art. Ancient sculptures of Pagan gods and Roman emperors can be found lining the hallways of some B&Bs. Others have recreations of Michelangelo’s masterly frescos in the Sistine Chapel. Others are adorned with modern photos of the great monuments – the Colosseum, Vatican, the Villa Borghese.

A neighborhood guide for anyone booking B&Bs in Rome

A cluster of stone pines shrouds the great Colosseum in Rome

Find your way around the Eternal City using the guide below. It ranges from north to south, east to west, all in search of some of Rome’s most enticing areas with alluring bed and breakfasts. There should be something to fit whether you’re in pursuit of romance, bucket-list sights, or traditional Italian living.

Immerse yourself in the historic center

Any bed and breakfast in Rome that’s near the Pantheon, the Piazza Navona, or the Campo de’ Fiori is going to be right in the middle of the old city. Strangely, the historic center isn’t the oldest in the capital – that honor goes to the Palatine and the Forum – but it is laced with Baroque churches, babbling fountains, and open plazas with excellent restaurants.

A B&B in Rome right next to the Colosseum

The Colosseum area mixes bustling boulevards with 2,000-year-old monuments. The place is brimming with top-rated B&Bs, some of which even have rooftop gardens and bars that overlook the arches of the mighty Flavian Amphitheater itself. You’ll need to book early if you’re heading here in the summer, because the accommodations are in high demand with sightseers – the Roman Forum with its temples and old senate house is just across the street.

Romance flows in La Trastevere

Ask any local for their tips on Rome’s most amorous neighborhood and La Trastevere is bound to be mentioned. It’s like a rabbit warren of cobbled streets and quaint churches, alive with fruit markets and art galleries, wine bars and bruschetta restaurants. The guest houses here are primed for couples, too, with luxurious honeymoon suites that have balconies gazing at the babbling River Tiber.

In the vicinity of Vatican City

Art lovers will find no better corner of Rome than the districts of Prati and the streets around Castel Sant’Angelo. They cling to the world-famous Vatican Museums, where masterworks by Caravaggio and Raphael are just two of the myriad highlights. The good news is that there’s a bucket load of bed and breakfasts in the district, with access to pasta-touting kitchens and boulevards laden with souvenir shops.

Finding low-cost B&Bs in Rome

A shot of the great dome of the Vatican as it rises above the River Tiber

Rome might not be the cheapest of European cities – the cost of Vatican visits, tours of the Roman Forum, entry to the Colosseum, and all those crispy Romana pizzas adds up. Thankfully, there are ways you can cut the cost of accommodation, just as the tips below reveal…

Hop away from the historic center

While the pull of the Colosseum and the mystical Pantheon is strong, it’s worth remembering that Rome’s heart is not the only place with enticing spots to stay. In fact, some of the very best B&Bs in Rome sit in more far-flung districts, like romantic Trastevere or between the grittier blocks around the Termini train station.

The Eternal City is a city for all seasons

Just because the crowds disperse from Rome’s fountain-babbling piazzas and great exhibits when the summer finishes, it doesn’t mean there’s any less to see. In fact, planning your trip for months like January, March, or October usually means getting better bargains on bed and breakfasts in Rome, and you’ll have fewer people to contend with in the pizzerias and museums.