Finding the very best Sedona bed and breakfasts

Finding the very best Sedona bed and breakfasts

So, you’re on the hunt for the crème-de-la-crème of Sedona bed and breakfasts? This guide can help. It delves into the craggy canyonlands and navigates through the New Age crystal centers, revealing the features and frills of these types of accommodations as it goes, all so you can book the very best available.

The styles of bed and breakfast in Sedona, AZ

A dimly-lit lodge in the trees near Sedona has a pool and a porch shrouded by nature

Stunning Sedona makes a fantastic place for guest houses, inns, and bed and breakfasts of all shapes and sizes. From pine-shaded healing and meditation retreats in the buttes to sumptuous suites for couples, there are loads to pick from in these parts…

Give a ‘yeehaw’ for AZ ranches and lodges

Some Sedona bed and breakfasts sit right on the doorstep of Coconino National Forest and the chiseled Red Rocks, away from the hustle of the town center. They are the places where the trot of horses can be heard in the yard, and local owners offer riding excursions or guided hiking trips – the sort of B&B that’s great for wannabe cowboys and intrepid adventurers.

Calling all honeymooners to Sedona’s romance-ready B&Bs

There’s something truly special about flinging open your balcony doors each morning to panoramas of spear-like peaks – you get that feeling that it’s only you, your other half, and wild nature. Factor in soaks in jet-powered whirlpools as the desert stars twinkle overhead, and fine-dining evenings of refined BBQ cuts, and that trip to Sedona can easily take a turn for the romantic.

Arty and off-beat guest houses in Sedona

In a town with crystal workshops, energy vortexes, mythic healers, shamanic fortune tellers, and yogis coming out of ever crack in its canyon walls, you can expect to find a few B&Bs that take their cue from the New Age world of out-of-the-box philosophy. That means libraries filled with volumes extolling the virtues of silent meditation. It means morning yoga sessions. It means ancient Chinese massage treatments in on-site wellness centers.

Places to search for your Sedona B&B

A stunning vista of hazy canyons and buttes around the town of Sedona

So, you’ve decided on Sedona, but what part of town is tempting the wanderlust the most? Will it be the deep canyons and their scented pine woods to the northwest? Will it be the hubbub of Main Street, where sizzling BBQ joints smoke with hickory and Wild West taverns slosh with beers?

The buzz of Uptown Sedona

Surround yourself with spur-spinning saloons, sports bars, and elegant alpine eateries by choosing the district of Uptown Sedona. This is the hub of the action, with more hiking outfitters and sleek hotels than you can shake a stick at. Of course, that also means there’s a boutique edge to the B&Bs, which will tend to be among the priciest in the region.

West Sedona for something quieter

There are loads of bed and breakfasts in Sedona that nestle into the blocks just west of the center. They fringe the airport and are writhed in a maze of hiking trails that leave from just down the street. These West Sedona rentals are also typically quieter, more spacious affairs, with wooded gardens and porches.

The Coconino and Tonto national forests

Off-trail expeditions to Sedona mean breaking away from the grills and honky-tonks of town and hitting the vast national reserves that surround it. It’s out in the wildernesses of the likes of Tonto that you’ll discover the hidden ranches and riding schools, with B&B suites that perch on bluffs or pop up by babbling riverways at the base of looming canyons.

How to score a bargain on a bed and breakfast in Sedona, AZ

A verdant yard with old wagon wheels surrounds a ranch near Sedona

You might need those dollars to snag brand new hiking boots for the trails of the Red Rocks, or maybe you’re after some healing crystals from the mystic centers of Sedona. Either way, it pays to cut the cost of bed and breakfasts in this mountain-shadowed town. The tips below can help with that.

And the most expensive seasons in Sedona are…

Spring and fall. Come March, the desert flowers bloom and the trails draw all sorts. Come September, the temperature drops a little after a hot summer and the region boasts stunning sunsets and clear skies. Potential bargains will usually be outside of these, in months like August, December, and January.

Book as early as you can

Whether you head for West Sedona or the backcountry, there’s bound to be plenty of demand for bed and breakfasts in these parts. Wedding parties, honeymooners, hikers – all sorts are in the running. That means you’re going to want to book early, before the crowds start seeking their stay.

Hop away from Uptown

If you don’t mind being a short drive from the haute BBQ kitchens and the taverns, it can often pay to stay further from the center of Sedona itself. West Sedona is a good option, but you can throw your accommodation search wide open to include the surrounding national forests, too.