A getaway to Traverse City bed and breakfasts

A getaway to Traverse City bed and breakfasts

Taste succulent cherries, wander organic farmer’s stalls, tread soaring sand dunes, and just wallow in the bucolic vibes of the much-vaunted Lower Peninsula, all with help from Traverse City bed and breakfasts. This guide has tips, tricks, hints, and information to help you head out and book the perfect one this year.

Enchanting settings for Traverse City bed and breakfasts

A wood-shingled lodge with big windows hides between fir trees

It’s true that picking the right guest house is an important step in crafting the perfect Michigan vacation. But what about where that guest house is located? Traverse City has all sorts of backdrops to consider, whether you want to gaze out at sandy shores or be hemmed in by apple orchards and wine fields.

Inner-city stays to be close to the action

The great thing about bed and breakfast establishments generally is that they often mean straying a little away from the beaten path. And so it is for the options that dot Traverse City. Yes, you’ll still be within walking distance of the Duncan L Clinch Marina and its gold-glinting beaches. But you’ll also be far enough away from the hubbub to enjoy the serenity of out-of-town suburbs.

Rural jaunts with farms on the doorstep

If there’s one thing that Traverse City is famed for, it’s fruit farms – this isn’t called the Cherry Capital of the US for nothing, after all. B&B seekers eager for an escape from the Rat Race will be pleased to know that there are lots of stays that can whisk you away from traffic-tooting lanes and out into the country. Look for them on local wineries, or with suites that spill out onto vistas of green fields scented by strawberries and peaches.

A place that gazes across Lake Michigan

Some say that the shoreline that rings this corner of the Lower Peninsular is some of the most breathtaking in the Great Lakes. To be certain you don’t miss a moment, a single sunset, or a chance to hop the colossal Sleeping Bear Dunes, it might be worth considering zeroing in on a bed and breakfast that has a front-row seat by the beaches.

Ways you can get a bargain B&B in Traverse City

Blue chairs wait in the sun in front of a wood-paneled Michigan retreat

Leave as many cents and dollars for those Great Lakes boating trips and farmer’s markets shopping sprees by following the tips below. They reveal just a few ways that you can whittle down the cost of bed and breakfast rentals in Traverse City and surroundings.

Tempted by the Cherry Fest? Book early

A whirlwind of sweet pies and hip-shaking music shows hits the parks of Traverse City in June and July, when the Cherry Festival swings through town. That’s probably the priciest time of the whole year, so be wary that all the good deals for that summer blowout will sell out fast.

Spring and fall are other options

Stats show that rates in Traverse City bed and breakfasts will soar something like 25% on average during the summer months. It’s easy to see why, what with 1000s of bodies flocking for the golden beaches, prime sailing conditions, and morning food markets. Still, spring and fall are worth considering. They are cheaper, can have warm days, and even enticing harvest festivals to discover.

Venture out to the Lower Peninsula

Traverse City itself might not even have what you’ve come in search of. At its heart, it’s an urban mix of marinas and microbreweries. To get those handsome vistas of rolling Michigan countryside, you’ll need to explore the headlands up to Old Mission, across Leelanau, and beyond. Being willing to go on an adventure like that can also open up other B&Bs, with their own potential bargains.

Features of the guest houses and inns of Traverse City

A cozy lodge in the woods has a picnic table in its yard

So, what should you expect from a jaunt to a bed and breakfast in Traverse City, MI? There are plenty of aspects to these homey rentals that help them go the extra mile. And that’s not even mentioning the old-timey vibe and handsome locations…

Pet-friendly B&Bs in Traverse City area

Those breezy country walks and expeditions through the farms and wineries simply wouldn’t be the same with your best four-legged friend in tow, right? That’s why loads of the local bed and breakfasts in MI’s Peninsula region are willing to welcome the pooch. You might need to pay a little extra, and it’s wise to check what parks and reserves are okay with barkers being off the leash before letting them run free.

Treat yourself to pampering in Traverse City

There’s no reason why you can’t sample a little of the high life in the bed and breakfasts of Traverse City. On-site spas with couples’ massage packages are available. There are wineries that offer tasting sessions and epicurean meals. There are even some pads with al fresco hot tubs and Jacuzzi baths.

Connecting with tradition

It’s certainly the case that Traverse City B&Bs are true to their roots. In the country, they might sit in age-old farmsteads with barn conversions for rooms and original features throughout. In the town, they could be nestled into leafy neighborhoods with local owners who always love a chat.