Hit the seas with a BVI charter

Hit the seas with a BVI charter

Hoist the sail, aweigh the anchor, and get ready to explore the wonderland of Caribbean coral reefs and volcanic rocks that is the BVI. This stunning enclave of the region has long been a haven for yachters of all types, whether you’re coming for a competitive regatta week or a sun-soaked jaunt to sandy cays. This guide can help you find the perfect BVI charters.

What types of BVI charters are out there?

A group of vacationers stand on the deck of a stunning catamaran boat by the green hills of the BVI

Whether you’re a maestro of the monohull or a beginner sea dog looking to up their nautical skills, there’s sure to be a perfect BVI boat charter out there. That’s thanks to the fact that these shimmering specks on the map of the Lesser Antilles have become a veritable sailing mecca, with oodles of ship sizes, captained vessels, and short-stay vacation yachts on the menu.

A motor yacht charter boat in the Virgin Islands

Opting for a motored yacht means getting the best of both worlds. When the trade winds are billowing through the boulders of Virgin Gorda, you can hoist the canvas and tack between empty bays and turquoise lagoons. And when there’s not a gust in the air? Just rumble up the engine and the islands are still your oyster.

A captained BVI charter

If you’re not quite the seafarer yet, going for a captained BVI boat charter is probably the best option. These are the vacation yachts that come with a crew and a level-headed leader. They’ll take care of the rope pulling and the anchor chains while you busy yourself with soaking up Caribbean rays, snorkeling with rainbow fish, and getting that relax on.

Catamaran charter boats in the Virgin Islands

Why settle for just one hull when you can have two? The bonuses are many. First off, catamarans tend to be more spacious than their deep-keeled compadres, with decks and living areas lofted in the middle of the two bows. They also make for a more stable ride, which can be a gift when the conditions around the Lesser Antilles are at a their roughest, usually in September and October.

Different yachts and boats are moored in the BVI

Go it alone with a bareboat charter in the BVI

If you’re already a seasoned captain and have a willing crew behind you, there’s no reason why you can’t explore the BVI like a regular Christopher Columbus. That’s where bareboat charters come in. They are, simply, a boat and northing else. You’ll need to have the expertise to raise the mainsail, tie the knots, and manage your navigation. But with extra responsibility comes extra freedom, right?

The classic monohull BVI boat charter

One of the most common types of BVI boat charter out there is the single-hulled yacht. These are the quintessential seafarer’s vacation choice. They can be 50 feet or more, with bedroom space for a family of six to eight. You’ll need to pick between rentals that are permanently moored in the British Virgin Islands or opt to hop aboard a cross-Caribbean trip that takes in the Grenadines, the USVI, and others.

What islands offer BVI boat charters?

With over 60 individual islands and cays, the BVI certainly aren’t short of awesome places to venture to on that private yacht. To start your trip, it’s worth considering looking for charter services in the following islands and towns, which are among the most popular spots to kick-start a salt-washed journey.

The stunning isle of Tortola

Stunning Tortola is the busiest and biggest of the British Virgin Islands. Home to Road Town, the capital, it’s the place to go to seek out that sleek 50-foot monohull. You might just want to a linger a little before pulling up the anchor, though. There are mist-gathering rainforests waiting for hikers at the wild Mount Sage National Park. And there are shimmering beaches fringed by sea-grape trees by Smuggler’s Cove and the north coast.

Glistening bays in Virgin Gorda

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more jaw-dropping than Tortola, Virgin Gorda beckons. Sail into the so-called Baths and you’ll be greeted with glistening coastal lagoons and great granite boulders. Around North Sound Road are azure bays laden with coral gardens for snorkelers who like to dive right off deck. Spanish Town is the place to be to organize off the cuff BVI boat rentals in these parts.

Consider a boat charter in the USVI

There’s free movement of yachts and boats between the British Virgin Islands and the United States Virgin Islands. That means you get two paradises for the price of one if you opt for a BVI charter. Alternatively, you could start your trip from the USVI, where bustling Saint Thomas gives way to the lush national parks of Saint John.