There's nothing quite like a catamaran charter

Wake up as the Caribbean Sea breathes beneath you. Clink beers as the sunset glows pink and red over the Thai Gulf. Feel the fresh breezes of the Greek Aegean billowing through your hair. These are the experiences that await travelers on a catamaran charter. Wherever you go, these unique holidays promise to be truly…well, unique. This guide can help with planning and destination inspiration.

Different types of catamaran rental

If you're new to the world of catamaran rentals or just need to study up on your ship types before booking your vessel for the coming season, the pointers below can help. They offer a glimpse at the various styles of accommodation you can get on the open ocean.

Bareboat catamaran charters

The simplest – and often cheapest – sort of catamaran package out there, the bareboat is the ship and nothing more. You won't get the added experience of a skipper, a crew, or maintenance people. In fact, all the tacking, compass work, ropes, and anchoring will be left to you and your vacation compares. It's the option to consider if you've got sailing qualifications and some know-how out at sea.

Skippered catamaran rentals

If you'd prefer to have the steadying hand of a salt-washed sea dog, skippered catamaran charters have you covered. They might come with just a captain but could offer a complete crew. It's the choice for vacationers who want to have more time to focus on their sunbathing, reading, and snorkeling, and for those with less expertise at the mainsail.

Large and small catamaran rentals

Catamarans, like monohull yachts, come in a whole kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes. That said, they do tend to be slightly larger than their one-keel counterparts. That's because they pack in extra deck space between their two bows. Beyond that, it's about picking vessels with bunk rooms or tight-knit compartments, or scaling things up to 50-foot ships with living rooms and kitchens.

Famous destinations for catamaran charters

The guide below dives into glinting seas and Shangri-La lagoons around the globe, all in search of some of the very best destinations to consider a catamaran charter. There are jewels in Southeast Asia, tried-and-tested Sunshine State spots, and Caribbean sailing havens alike…

A catamaran charter in Miami

As Miami spills into Biscayne Bay, it gets splintered with more marinas, waterways, and canals than you can shake a Cuban cigar at. There are even stacks of vacation homes up and down Miami Beach, in Edgewater, and beyond with their own dock out front. The result is a veritable mecca for catamaran charters, where you can snag skippered boats for margarita-swilling parties around the beaches of South Florida or enjoy romantic sunset sessions amid the mangrove forests of the Keys.

Rent a catamaran in Greece

Greece's ancient islands are a promised land for catamaran sailors. The dual-hulled vessels are great for hopping across the choppy Aegean and Ionian seas. That means you can plot a true odyssey of a vacation, starting with the chalk-white cliffs of Zakynthos, passing the vibrant harbors of Poros, and checking off the uber-romantic vistas of Santorini as you go.

Catamaran charters in the BVI and USVI

When it comes to catamaran charters, the BVI and the USVI regularly top the bill. They are home to hard-fought sailing regattas and glitzy yachter towns. And you can move freely on boats between the two archipelagos, which means bathing in the stunning Baths of Virgin Gorda one day and clinking rum cocktails in the old pirate haunts of Charlotte Amalie the next.

Thailand for exotic catamaran charters

After something further afield? The fabled Land of Smiles has catamaran charters up its sleeve. Make for the rugged Andaman Coast in the south, where towering karst peaks rise straight from azure bays. You'll be able to whiz across to world-famous isles like the Phi Phi archipelago for glances at mountain-shrouded beaches. Alternatively, hover by Phuket to get buzzy nightlife and iconic scuba-diving sites.

Board your catamaran in the Bahamas

If you can pull yourself away from the glinting pink sands of Exuma and the famous golf courses of New Providence for a spell, there are all sorts of adventures on the menu for those who opt for catamaran charters in the Bahamas. The cays of the Abacos are just one example of the sort of paradise you can sail through. It's a vast arena of marshes, parrot-squawking jungles, and turtle-teeming coral reefs.