Discover Arizona’s Lake Havasu

Discover Arizona’s Lake Havasu

One of the largest reservoir lakes to straddle the Colorado River, the sprawling Lake Havasu is one of the best-loved vacation spots in Western Arizona. It’s a lake that’s perhaps best known for its landmark London Bridge, which once towered over the River Thames in the English capital but made the journey across the pond in the late 1960s. English curiosities aside, the Grand Canyon State’s Lake Havasu boasts deep, blue waters and a surrounding landscape that’s as rugged as it roadless.

Houseboat vacations at Lake Havasu

The comfortable and inviting living space inside a modern houseboat

While plenty of places to stay dot Lake Havasu’s 450 miles of shoreline, nothing beats getting out onto the water. Houseboats are the perfect opportunity to do exactly that—these floating vacation home rentals in Arizona serve up a unique home base for adventures with family and friends. And whether you stay for the weekend or want to enjoy a longer getaway, there’s no shortage of things to enjoy at Lake Havasu. First, let’s look at what you can expect from Lake Havasu houseboat rentals.

Amenities included with Lake Havasu houseboats

While amenities vary according to the size of houseboat you choose, even the smallest Lake Havasu boat rentals offer oodles in the way of home comforts. As well as providing ample living space for around 10 guests, these economically priced boats boast full kitchens and spacious upper decks with captain’s flying bridges and waterslides that will dunk you right in Lake Havasu. Luxury houseboats are also an option, with these larger-than-life rentals counting king suites, wet bars, and hot tubs among their amenities.

When to enjoy houseboat vacations on Lake Havasu

That depends on whether you’d like to enjoy the best of the weather or the lowest prices. If sticking to a budget is a priority, your best bet is to visit over the winter months when the chance of finding cheap houseboat rentals on Lake Havasu increases. If you’re more interested in the weather, you should shoot for the end of September, when the high temperatures of summer are waning but there’s still plenty to do. And if you’re up for some high-octane fun, a spring stay offers the chance to attend the annual Desert Storm Poker Run.

Where to rent houseboats on Lake Havasu?

Several marinas offer services along the shoreline of Lake Havasu, though much of the houseboat traffic chugs out of Lake Havasu City on the lake’s eastern side—and, in the case of larger boats, from the Nautical Beachfront Resort on Thompson Bay. You needn’t worry if you’re a first-time renter, either, as a short lesson in boating basics is all you need to earn your captain’s credentials—and a valid driver’s license, of course.

Things to do at Lake Havasu

A boat sails on Lake Havasu with mountains in the distance

Getting off-grid to explore the nooks and crannies of the lake holds plenty of appeal for those looking for a relaxing vacation. Days might be spent swimming, fishing, or even riding personal watercraft, should you add one on to your houseboat rental. Evenings, meanwhile, are reserved for watching spectacular sunsets, casting an eye over starry skies, and grilling up that fish you caught earlier. When it’s time to explore further afield, you’ll find the Lake Havasu area equally enticing on land.

Explore Lake Havasu City

Lake Havasu City offers plenty of reasons to drop anchor and head onshore for a while. For starters, there’s the must-see London Bridge. A bit of Britain in the desert, and certainly one of the most unique attractions in Arizona, it stands above a charming shopping and sightseeing area and is close to the city’s whimsical English Village.

Discover Lake Havasu State Park

Stretching north from London Bridge is Lake Havasu State Park, a popular spot for its white-sand beaches and grassy area for picnics. Small boats come right up to shore and sit neatly in a row in the shallows, their passengers relaxing on the sand, cooking up a storm on the gas grills, or enjoying a stroll along the Mohave Sunset Trail.

Visit Havasu National Wildlife Refuge

Stretching between Lake Havasu City and Parker, the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge is among the area’s more unspoiled spots—particularly so along the Topock Gorge, which contains one of the last remaining stretches of the lower Colorado River in its untouched glory. It’s a haven for birds—and for the people who love to watch them.