The draws of Lake Powell boat rentals

Wowza – Lake Powell really is a stunner. Wiggling and winding through the carved gorges on the Utah-Arizona border, it's 186-mile length and 1,900-mile shoreline have become honored vacation grounds. Boaters and fishing folk, sun worshippers and BBQ aficionados, book readers and hardcore adventurers – there's really no end to the type of people who head for the prismatic red cliffs of Glen Canyon each year. Many will settle on a Lake Powell boat rental, which truly is a unique way to experience this jaw-dropping landscape.

Different types of Lake Powell rentals to pick from

There's not only one type of Lake Powell boat rental out there. There are oodles. Large and small, stylish and simple, moveable and latched on, they cover a whole kaleidoscope of possible vacation homes. The pointers below can help you discover the one that suits you best before booking…

Luxurious Lake Powell boat homes

Go on – put your feet up, kick back under the Arizonan sun, and watch the world go by. It's all R&R and pampering on the most luxurious Lake Powell boat homes, which tend to be spacious and chic affairs. They'll have kitchens, plush living rooms spaces, and even enticing extras like hot tubs and tanning terraces.

Lake Powell boat rentals for adventurers

Coming to hop between unexplored creeks, tread deep crevices that splinter into the Utah mountains, and swim in glistening coves around the banks of the sprawling lake? Perhaps a more adventure-orientated Lake Powell boat is the way to go. Those are usually movable, letting you drift to any part of the great water that tickles the wanderlust.

A Lake Powell rental that's right by the shore

An alternative to a Lake Powell boat is a classic Lake Powell rental home. These sit on dry land but can often be just a stone's throw from the sky-blue waters. You might lose the novelty of living on a mobile vessel, but you are sure to gain some creature comforts – think extra bedroom space to fit the family, larger kitchen areas, and even private yards with glorious views of Glen Canyon.

Enticing areas of Lake Powell for rentals

Lake Powell clocks up nearly 2,000 miles of shoreline as it cuts through the high bluffs of the Utah desert and drops into Marble Canyon in Arizona. It's a good idea to get to grips with the geography of the lake before you think about booking your boat rentals or vacation homes.

Wahweap – Lake Powell's largest marina

Wahweap has established itself as the go-to marina for Lake Powell boat rentals. It's brimming with all sorts of options and has a real buzz about it during the summer months between June and August. It's also packed with RV-park amenities, picnic tables, open-air BBQ grills, and even a few public beachfronts with stunning views of Glen Canyon.

Lake Powell boat rentals in Page

Page is the largest town on the whole shoreline of Lake Powell. With shops, diners, and bars, it offers perhaps the best-rounded vacation experience. You can grab houseboat rentals from the adventure outfitters in the center or settle in private homes with green gardens and self-catering kitchens. What's more, this one is a great jump-off point for explorations to Antelope Canyon and the bucket-list-busting Grand Canyon beyond it.

A Lake Powell boat rental in Utah

Even though the vast majority of Lake Powell sits in the Beehive State, there are far fewer vacation rental options on the north side of the border. That's because Utah's part of the water tends to be more untamed than its compadre in Arizona. Look for a rental here if you want to be surrounded by red-rock cliffs and towering hoodoos – calling all climbers and wild swimmers.

Snagging bargains with Lake Powell boat rentals

To save as many dollars as possible for guided tours of the petroglyph caves and high hoodoo peaks of the Glen and Grand canyons, the tips below can help. They reveal tried-and-tested ways to drop the cost of Lake Powell boat rentals and vacation rentals.

Book early for summer trips

When the temperatures creep upwards in the Utah summer, the whole of Lake Powell becomes a haven for folk looking to cool off. Swimmers, canyoners, boaters – the soothing waters draw all types. That means you're going to want to get in there early if you're looking for a houseboat between June and August, before all the best bargains get booked.

Consider vacation homes instead of Lake Powell houseboats

A Lake Powell rental doesn't have to be on the water. By expanding your accommodation search to include classic homes and cottages and cabins around the banks, you can open up an array of other potential deals. Check out towns like Page and Bullfrog if that sounds like your sort of thing.

Winter can also be alluring

When there are drifts of cotton-colored snow on the high desert bluffs and way less people crowding the deep canyons, there's no denying that Lake Powell has a special charm. What's more, rental rates in the wintertime tend to be just a fraction of what they are when the temps are high, making months like January and February real budget choices.