Don't go thinking that a vacation on a luxury boat is only for the millionaires and billionaires. You can rent your own chic vessel and get a taste of the high life for yourself, and you might just be surprised at how affordable the charters can be. This guide reveals some of the amazing features and sorts of vessels you can look forward to, along with destination inspiration for those yacht trips all around the globe…

Features of luxury boats to look out for

A deluxe sailboat can leave you feeling like a real jet setter. Some of the reasons why – in the form of helicopter-ready decks and private onboard spas – are listed below…

Pools and hot tubs on deck

Luxury boats might be a ticket to bath-warm Greek waters and the glinting beachfronts of the Caribbean, but there's no reason why they can't also have their own swimming pool. There are oodles that have a splash pad or a steaming hot tub, with most putting them front-and-center on deck to make the most of the ocean views.

Yachts with helipads

Yep – you read that right. There are some yachts that even come with their own helipad. That should let you hop back and forth from the chip-slapping casinos of Monte Carlo and the boutique shopping streets of St Tropez in style. Just don't be surprised if passers by whip the camera out to take a photo – this really is the height of luxury.

Big and spacious interiors and exteriors

You could be forgiven for thinking that you were actually in a grand mansion on dry land in many a luxury boat. Several bedrooms, each with ensuite bathrooms, big living spaces, kitchens, cinema screens, and sprawling al fresco areas for those sunset cocktails – there's all sorts in the mix.

Different styles of luxury boats out there

There's not just one single type of deluxe boat rental out there. Huge monohull yachts with their own hot tubs and sundecks are just the start of the story. On top of those, you can opt for catamarans with dual keels, or pick sailing boats that add a level of technicality to your trip.

The classic monohull luxury boat

When you think of luxury boats, it's likely that it's the monohull yacht that comes to mind first. These are the quintessential image of a deluxe home on the water. With plush living rooms that spill onto sun-splashed decks, they can be set over several floors with countless interior rooms.

A catamaran luxury boat

Known to veteran sailors as, simply, a cat, the catamaran is a different type of vessel that comes with two hulls, not one. The result is a stable and speedy ride, which should help make those odysseys through the Greek Aegean islands all the more comfortable.

A luxury sailing boat rental

If you prefer the iconic look of a sailboat, then it's also possible to score luxury that comes with a mast and a mainsail. With these options, you'll need to consider if you want a skippered ride – a boat that comes with its own crew and captain – or a bareboat rental that let's you be the master of the ship.

Hot destinations for luxury boat rentals

Luxury boats are a ticket to amazing experiences all around the globe. Whether you're chilling with the Hollywood celebrities down on Miami Beach or hopping between shimmering Cote d'Azur beaches, you're sure to find somewhere that gets the wanderlust a-flowing…

Florida – a hub for luxury boats

Mosey down to Miami's South Beach and you enter a world of glitzy cocktail bars, grand Art Deco mansions, and superyachts. In fact, the waters between the Atlantic and Biscayne Bay are laced with more chic vacation homes with private marinas than you can shake a Cuban cigar at. It's the perfect place to search out your luxury boat and move between the shopping districts and prestigious country clubs.

Luxury boats on the French Riviera

As Ferraris and Maserati convertibles whiz around the port areas of Monte Carlo and Nice, some of the world's most opulent yachts bob in the harbor quays nearby. This is legendary jet-setter territory, what with towns like St Tropez and Cannes studding the coastline, between eucalyptus-scented coves and shimmering beachfronts.

Deluxe boats on offer in Greece

Greece's 1000s of islets and rugged Peloponnesian landscapes are simply perfect for exploring in your own luxury boat. You'll be able to pull into hidden coves and beaches on islands like Poros and Naxos. Or, you can moor up in buzzing fishing hamlets to lunch on just-caught seafood straight off the grill.