Yacht charters in the Caribbean

Yacht charters in the Caribbean

Stretching across the Caribbean Sea between the southernmost tip of Florida and the Venezuelan coast, the Caribbean Islands are a massive, beautiful, and must-see archipelago. Each island boasts a unique character but there are some similarities, too, not least unspoiled shores, a friendly vibe, and a leisurely pace. It’s a destination that’s well suited to yacht vacations, so read on to discover what you need to know about these sleek on-the-water vacation home rentals, along with the best places to turn off the motor and head onshore for a while.

A quick guide to Caribbean yacht charters

Outdoor living space on a luxury yacht in the Caribbean

Before heading off to the far-flung shores of the Caribbean, a quick brush up on the basics will help ensure your yacht trip planning goes as smoothly as the sailing.

Do Caribbean yacht charters come with a crew?

In most cases, yes. The cost to rent a yacht in the Caribbean usually includes a captain, though, for an additional fee, you can also opt to have a chef and, often, other crew on board, too. If you’ve got your own captain’s credentials, typically in the form of an American Sailing Association qualification, you’ll be able to go it alone.

What are private yacht charters in the Caribbean like?

The word private says it all really. Yachts for rent in the Caribbean may vary in size and style, though all offer a stay that’s as secluded as you want it to be. The plentiful space onboard typically makes room for plush living areas and en suite cabins, not to mention feature-packed kitchens and sunny outdoor decks with hot tubs.

Cost of private yacht charters in the Caribbean

How much you’ll pay for an idyllic escape on the water depends on whether you choose a smaller affordable yacht rental or a more luxurious number, as well as how many crew members you choose to have onboard. You’ll also need to consider whether an “all-inclusive” or “plus expenses” approach to meals, drinks, and other costs suits your group best.

When’s the best time to enjoy Caribbean yacht charters?

That’s usually determined by whether you want to enjoy the best of the weather or the most affordable yacht rentals. If it’s the former, you should probably set sail between December and April. But, if it’s the latter, a yacht charter in either May or June or between late November and mid-December would likely prove a good bet.

Best destinations for Caribbean yacht charters

A luxury motor yacht offering sailing adventures in the British and U.S. Virgin Islands

The beauty of enjoying a yacht vacation in the Caribbean is that you don’t have to limit yourself to exploring just one island. This is a landscape that’s meant for island hopping, but that’s not to say there aren’t a few must-visit spots.

Festival vibes in the Bahamas

The Bahamas’ proximity to the Florida Keys makes it a popular and affordable choice for yacht charters from the Sunshine State. Head for the pink-sand beaches of Harbour Island or set sail for Exuma to share turquoise waters with the Caribbean’s famous swimming pigs. Then come the jubilant Bahamian festivals. For foodies, that might mean a jaunt onshore for May’s Eleuthera Pineapple Festival or June’s All Andros Crab Fest. Culture vultures, on the other hand, can soak up the vibes of spring’s Junkanoo Carnival.

Island hopping in the British Virgin Islands

It’s not unusual to hear the British Virgin Islands described as the sailing capital of the world. The allure of this particular island paradise often comes courtesy of endless sunny days and consistent winds, though the short sail times between the islands means you can pack in some serious sightseeing, even if you only rent a yacht for a few days. A crewed yacht sailing from Wickham’s Key offers the chance to explore both the British and U.S. Virgin Islands, ticking off bucket-list sights like the Virgin Gorda Baths along the way.

Intoxicating culture in Cuba

One of the Caribbean’s most unique sailing destinations is served up by Cuba, its warm waters ideal for both diving and snorkeling, and its intoxicating cities, each packed with stunning architecture, classic American cars, and old-time charm, offering plenty of reasons to head onshore for a while. Never is this truer than in Old Havana, this UNESCO-tagged World Heritage Site a medley of quaint, cobbled squares, charming plazas, oversized cigars, and unique things to do.