Welcome to the glorious world of private yacht charters

Welcome to the glorious world of private yacht charters

If you thought a private yacht charter was only a vacation option for the rich and famous, think again. The increasing availability of affordable yacht rentals around the world means that a getaway on a sleek private yacht is always an option, no matter what your budget might be. There are some things that are helpful to know before setting sail, of course – the details of which you’ll find coming right up. You can also look forward to some top tips about destinations worth exploring.

What you need to know about private yacht rentals

A blue motor yacht available to charter

If you’re new to the world of sailing, the most important thing to know is that you’re going to have a blast. After all, what’s not to like about skipping over cornflower blue waves as you head from one exciting destination to another? Here are three other things worth knowing about private yacht charters.

You don’t need any captain’s credentials

Although in most cases a qualification from the American Sailing Association will allow you to go it alone on the captain’s deck, it’s not necessary to know how to sail to enjoy a vacation on a private yacht. Many private yacht rentals come with captain and crew included, leaving you free to kick back on the deck and soak up both the sun and the sights.

You don’t need to be an A-lister

While it’s possible to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a private yacht charter, that sort of rate is reserved for the superyachts of this world, those larger-than-life numbers with onboard pools and dance floors. For everyday travelers, the cost of private yacht rentals can be brought down by choosing a wallet-friendly model, going Dutch with friends, and avoiding peak season travel.

You’ll love the freedom

Ask any sailor what they like best about life on the water and there’s a good chance that the word freedom will crop up. Unlike traditional vacation home rentals, a private yacht charter is your ticket to just about wherever you want to go. Sure, you’ll have a home base but, beyond that, you can hop from island to island or, even, country to country if the mood strikes.

Best destinations for private yacht vacations

People sunbathing on the deck of a private yacht charter in Greece

With more than 70% of the world’s surface covered by water, there are plenty of postcard-perfect sailing spots to go around – and something for every taste, too. Whether you’re looking for an affordable yacht rental close to home or a luxury yacht charter somewhere delightfully exotic, private yacht rentals put it all on the menu. Here are three destinations worthy of a spot on any bucket list.

Cruising the Caribbean

As island-hopping destinations go, the Caribbean boasts a reputation as one of the best. Private yacht charters in the Caribbean might see you exploring the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, smoking over-sized cigars in Old Havana, or swimming with wild pigs in the crystalline waters of Exuma.

Sailing South Florida seas

For those looking for affordable private yacht charters, a jaunt to Florida’s steamy south is just the ticket. Soak up the Latin-inspired vibes of Miami or head down to Key West to clink glasses along Duval Street and celebrate sunset in Mallory Square. Up your budget just a little and you could include the beautiful Bahamas in your plans.

Making memories in the Mediterranean

Quality time comes easy in the Mediterranean, perhaps never more so than when sailing its dazzling waters. Italy’s Amalfi Coast, with its sheer cliffs, stretches of white sand, and pastel-colored villages, is a great place to start. Then comes private yacht charters in Greece, not least the serene sailing grounds and spectacular sunsets served up by the Ionian Islands.