A quick guide to Red River Gorge cabin rentals

A quick guide to Red River Gorge cabin rentals

Covering some 45 sq miles, the beautiful wilderness of Kentucky’s Red River Gorge is a breathtaking array of forests, cliffs, caves, and waterfalls. A big attraction in these parts is the series of natural rock arches that you’ll find throughout the gorge and the surrounding hills—there are over 100 of these sandstone marvels in the area. The gorge is a great place for hikers and rock climbers looking for an exciting workout, while nature lovers will find all sorts of wildlife. Red River Gorge is part of Daniel Boone National Forest and is also adjacent to Natural Bridge State Park.

Cabins for your kind of holiday

In such a back-to-nature destination like the Red River Gorge, some visitors prefer a vacation home rental to match—no-frills accommodations where you can simply listen to the sounds of the forest after a long hike through the hills. Others might want home comforts to come back to after a day in the great outdoors. There’s a great range of Red River Gorge cabin rentals, from the folksy to the fabulous, and however rustic your cabin looks on the outside, you’re still likely to have Wi-Fi and a well-equipped kitchen inside.

Luxurious Red River cabins

Wooden-walled sitting room with fireplace, high ceiling, and forest views

For those who like to travel in style, there are some beautifully appointed Red River Gorge cabins where you can enjoy the scenery and wildlife from your very comfortable vacation home. Whether you want several acres of woodland garden, a hot tub on the deck, or a game room with a pool table and a giant TV, there are plenty of high-end lodging choices in these parts. If you choose, you can even take in sweeping mountain views without leaving your leather armchair.

Secluded cabins in Red River Gorge

If you really want to be left alone on your vacation, the Red River Gorge is home to several cabins where you can really get away from it all. You can be tucked away down a quiet side canyon with no neighbors in sight, or perched high up in the hills with a long private driveway leading to the nearest public road. There are cabins near babbling creeks where you can see waterfalls from your deck, while others are close to the edge of the gorge with spectacular views below.

Red River cabins with hot tubs

Hot tub on a wooden deck with view over tree tops

There are plenty of cabin rentals with hot tubs in the Red River Gorge, where the typical tub will be perched on a deck in the forest, with trees all around and probably a barbecue grill sizzling nearby. You’ll find them at properties of all shapes and sizes—from large luxury homes for big families and groups, to cozy romantic cabins for 2—so there’s sure to be a hot tub out there with your name on it. It’s even more enticing in winter, when the snow is falling but you’re keeping nice and warm in the bubbling waters.

Where to stay near Red River Gorge

The Red River Gorge is real cabin-in-the-woods territory, and most of the vacation home rentals around here are tucked away among the trees or next to wild creeks. The main road through the gorge area is the Bert Combs Mountain Parkway, and you can pick up supplies at one of 2 little towns—Stanton, on the gorge’s western side, and Campton in the east. In between them are 20-odd miles of beautiful scenery, some great hikes and rock climbs, and a handful of little hamlets like Pine Ridge and Slade.

Cabins with natural arches nearby

When you stay in a Red River Gorge cabin rental, you’ll never be far from some of the natural rock arches that attract thousands of visitors to the area. There are miles of well-signposted hiking trails that take you past, through, and over some of these amazing formations. The biggest and best known is simply called Natural Bridge, and it spans a gap 78 ft across at a height of 65 ft. If you don’t fancy the hike up the mountainside to see it, you can ride up there from the bottom of the gorge on the Natural Bridge Skylift—it’s like a ski lift without the snow.