A handy guide to cabin rentals in the Pocono Mountains

The splendor of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains has been greeting travelers for decades. This scenic wild country gets throngs of visitors indeed, with millions of Eastern city dwellers living within a couple of hours’ drive away. From hiking in summer to leaf peeping in fall to skiing in winter, the Poconos appeal to all sorts of folks, whether you’re here to rough it outdoors or simply relax by your cabin’s fire pit. There’s plenty of great fishing to be had in the region’s crystal-clear lakes and rivers, too, but the main appeal is arguably the gorgeous landscape of mountains and valleys.

Places to stay in the Pocono Mountains

Covering an area of around 2,400 sq miles, the Poconos contain several resorts that make great bases for your outdoor vacation. Little towns like Tannersville, Hawley, and Honesdale all have their own unique charms and are surrounded by eye-catching scenery and some lovely cabin rentals. Slightly futher afield, bigger places like Scranton and Wilkes-Barre offer lots of amenitiesis within an hour’s drive of most of the Poconos.

Stroudsburg cabin rentals

For many people arriving from the east, Stroudsburg is the gateway to the Poconos. It’s a very pleasant place to stroll around, with rows of historic buildings and a great range of cuisines in the local restaurants. Cabin rentals here offer access to easy trails through the woods and along leafy river banks, and some more adventurous hiking in the nearby Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Or, take a cue from the college crowd from East Stroudsburg University, and head to one of the town’s lively bars for craft beers and cocktails.

Cabins near Milford

Imposing Victorian buildings dot the tree-lined streets of Milford, a charming town that stands on the banks of the Delaware River. This little place has become something of a cultural destination, featuring museums, art galleries, and boutique shops. In the fall it plays host to the Black Bear Film Festival, where you can see the latest independent movies and listen to talks by visiting actors, directors, and screenwriters. There are several small lakes nearby with some very appealing cabins on their shores.

Jim Thorpe cabins

The town of Jim Thorpe retains the feel of a genteel Victorian resort, even though it’s now a mecca for outdoor sports enthusiasts. This place was once known as “the Switzerland of America,” and you’ll see why when you start exploring the area’s steep hills and gushing river valleys. Mountain biking and various forms of white-water paddling are especially popular in these parts, and the town has lots of places to eat and drink afterwards. Beltzville Sate Park, with its lake and sandy beaches, is just up the road.

Choose from several types of cabin rentals

People come to the Pocono Mountains for all sorts of reasons, from thrilling adventures to serious relaxation. The region is used to welcoming the whole spectrum of travelers, as evidenced by Pocono cabin rentals that range from cozy cabins for 2 to bigger properties for groups of friends. You're bound to find the perfect Poconos cabin, whether you’re looking for total seclusion out in the woods or the buzz and nightlife of a resort town.

Romantic cabins for couples

If it’s just you and your significant other heading into the mountains, there are some cute and cozy cabins where you can hunker down in a tranquil setting and enjoy each other’s company. You’ll find private locations that are surrounded by trees or set right by a creek, or that offer views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Indoors, there’s nothing quite like a roaring fireplace to snuggle up in front of.

Lakeside cabins in the Poconos

If you want to spend your vacation by the water, there are some stunning lakeside cabin rentals in the Poconos. With dozens of lakes in the region you’re almost spoilt for choice, but some of the most popular spots are Beltzville Lake, Lake Wallenpaupack, and Lake Harmony. Whatever you have in mind—from playing on the beach to skiing across the water—you can enjoy your piece of the shore from a private deck or a fire pit right by the water.

Poconos cabins with hot tubs

For many people craving a relaxing cabin getaway in lush nature, a private hot tub is the icing on the cake. Whether you prefer to be tucked away in the forest or afforded with panoramic lake or mountain views, the Poconos are home to dozens of picturesque cabins with their own hot tubs right outside the door. The tubs can be even better in the winter, when you can enjoy the warm bubbles while snow is falling on the mountains.