Located in East Texas, Caddo Lake covers over 26,800 acres, making it the largest natural lake in the state. Just a 3-hour drive from Dallas and 4 hours from Houston, it's a great spot for quick weekend escapes or weeks-long vacations. Caddo Lake boasts stunning backwater scenery, where bald cypress trees stream with Spanish moss, among which lie bayous, ponds, and other waterways. Staying in a Caddo Lake cabin will give you the chance to experience all this and more.

What to do on the shores of Lake Caddo

There’s more than enough to keep you busy on a Caddo Lake vacation or getaway. Thanks to the region’s excellent climate, Caddo Lake is a year-round destination—you can expect beautiful weather and pleasant temps all throughout the year, and Caddo Lake’s waters are inviting no matter when you choose to visit. One of the best ways to explore the lake’s many waterways is from a kayak or canoe. Fishing is another popular pastime on the lake, thanks in part to the more than 70 different fish species that make their home in Caddo Lake. Away from the lake, nearby towns like Uncertain, Baldwin, and Karnack offer all sorts of activities on terra firma, from shopping, dining, and museums, to all manner of outdoor adventure.

Getting to know Karnack

Karnack is a small town in East Texas just south of Caddo Lake. It's perhaps best known for being the hometown of Lady Bird Johnson, former First Lady and wife of US President Lyndon B. Johnson, and her father’s home, the Andrews-Taylor House, can be seen just outside the community. There’s a nice range of Caddo Lake cabins to choose from close to Karnack, all of which will put you just a short trip from the outdoor activities of Caddo Lake State Park, which lies just north of Karnack.

Cabins in Karnack

Vacation home rentals close to Karnack come in all shapes and sizes, and cabins here are a great option for fishing enthusiasts looking a cozy, comfortable place to stay when they're not casting a line into the lake. Caddo Lake is well known for its numerous fish species, and offers some of the best fishing in the state. A number of Caddo Lake cabins close to Karnack offer acres of space and multiple guestrooms, with spacious living areas, screened-in decks overlooking the water, and private docks, making them a great option for bigger parties visiting the area for a group fishing trip.

Uncertain, Texas, is always a sure thing

Found right on the shores of Caddo Lake, you can cast aside any doubts you might have about Uncertain, Texas. Despite its name, this small town offers the perfect location for a Caddo Lake cabin vacation. Even if you’re not used to going out on the water, you’ll want to make the time to explore Caddo Lake’s fantastic waterways while you’re here. Uncertain offers a wide range of tours and boat trips leaving from the town, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from when you're staying here.

Cabins for rent in Uncertain

You can choose between a great range of cabin in Uncertain, from quaint, cozy cabins perfect for a couple's getaway to spacious 12-person properties that will allow you to comfortable fit the whole crew on a fishing or bird-watching tour. Offering such amenities as ample outdoor space, private pools, decks overlooking the water, and well-equipped kitchens, you can find a number of large cabins on Caddo Lake that have everything your group could want for a waterfront vacation, whether you're traveling with a crew of 2 or 22.

All about Baldwin

Baldwin can be found on Big Cypress Bayou, one of the main waterways leading out from Caddo Lake. As with Karnack and Uncertain, Caddo Lake cabins in and around Baldwin give guests the opportunity to truly take in the magic and majesty of the lake and its waterways. Sitting on the bayou, Baldwin is even more secluded than Uncertain and Karnack, so while you won’t have the creature comforts to be found in either of the 2 larger towns, you will be able to appreciate unfettered views of the area's unique natural beauty.

Staying in a Baldwin cabin

Cabins near Baldwin offer plenty of space and modern amenities, and some even boast boat ramps, covered fishing docks, and outdoor decks with riverfront views, making this the perfect spot for water sports lovers. Baldwin is also well placed for exploring the historic town of Jefferson, just a 20-minute drive away, where you'll find everything from a museum to antique shops and gourmet restaurants.