Get lost in nature with a Patoka Lake cabins stay

Get lost in nature with a Patoka Lake cabins stay

Located in the heart of the Hoosier National Forest Patoka Lake lies in southern Indiana, about 70 miles south of Bloomington, and 120 miles south of Indianapolis. Just across the state line, you’ll find Louisville, Kentucky just over an hour’s drive away. This proximity to large cities had made Patoka Lake a popular spot with families and couples looking to escape back to nature for quick getaways and longer vacation. The lake is a year-round destination, with watersports in the summer, hunting in the fall, cross-country skiing in winter, and hiking come spring.

Patoka Lake is the ideal spot to relax and unwind

Red painted wooden cabin by a lake

Patoka Lake may be a man-made reservoir, but it’s surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Located in Hoosier National Forest, the lake is fringed by wild, dense forest, and is perfect for bird-watching. For those who prefer to spend their time out on the water, fishing is a big Patoka Lake pastime, and anglers can bring home everything from catfish, crappie, and walleye to redear, bass, and bluegill. Other watersports—including waterskiing—are also available on the lake. In the winter, you’ll find areas reserved especially for ice fishing. In the summer, the trails around the lake are excellent for hiking, while in winter they turn into cross-country ski trails. And of course, all this is best experienced from the comfort of a Patoka Lake cabin rental.

Stay a while in Wickliffe

Towards the southern tip of the lake, you’ll find Wickliffe, around which a wide range of Patoka Lake cabins are clustered. There’s not a lot to central Wickliffe, but head north toward the lakeshore, and you’ll find the Patoka Lake Visitor Center, as well as shopping, dining, and drinking opportunities. This is also where you’ll find the famous Patoka Lake Winery. Pick a Patoka Lake cabin near Wickliffe, and you’ll be close to useful amenities while still being just a few minutes away from the lake shore.

Kick things off with a Patoka Lake cabin near Wickliffe

There are dozens of Patoka Lake cabins to be found near Wickliffe. This is one of the more popular areas around the lake to stay, which means there’s plenty of choice when it comes to vacation home rentals. Rustic, cozy, and comfortable, these cabins are great for families looking for either a short stay, or a long-term summer vacation rental. Many of the cabins in this area can sleep up to 7 or 8 guests, making them a great option for anyone traveling as a group.

Go into the wild in Hoosier National Forest

Covered wooden bridge in Indiana

Covering over 202,000 acres, Hoosier National Forest boasts thousands of acres worth of forested hills, creeks, caves, and historical sites to explore. It’s also home to Indiana’s only remaining wilderness area, Charles C. Deam Wilderness, as well as a number of different cave systems and caverns. Two of the most popular visitor attractions include Morengo Cave National Landmark, and Bluespring Caverns Park. Visit in the winter, and you can even hit the slopes at Paoli Peaks. Staying in a Patoka Lake cabin is a great way to explore the forest.

A cabin in the woods in Hoosier National Forest

If you’re looking for the ultimate secluded hideaway, then a cabin in the woods in Hoosier National Forest is a great way to go when it comes to Patoka Lake cabins. While you might have to stock up on groceries and provisions before getting to your chosen cabin, the peace and quiet of a forest morning will more than make up for it. Patoka Lake cabins in and near Hoosier National Forest are cozy, comfortable affairs with rustic touches. Many are suitable for larger groups, and come with well-equipped kitchens, wood-burning stoves or fireplaces, and woodland views.

Visit French Lick

Just a short drive north of Patoka Lake, you’ll find the historic small town of French Lick. Known for its long-established mineral springs, the town is also the birthplace of basketball legend Larry Bird, and well-located for easy access to the ski runs at Paoli Peak. French Lick is also famous for its casino, while families might want to check out the French Lick West Baden Museum, Big Splash Adventure waterpark, or the French Lick Scenic Railway, which takes you on a picturesque ride through Hoosier National Forest via a vintage steam train.

Cabins and vacation rentals near French Lick

If you’re visiting the area around Patoka Lake over the winter in order to get a little skiing or snowboarding in, then a French Lick cabin rental might be your best option. With a number of cozy, inviting cabins to stay in, French Lick boasts all the amenities of a large town while also promising proximity to the slopes at Paoli Peaks. These vacation rentals are often ideal for larger groups, as many of them boast multiple guest rooms, large shared spaces, beautiful outdoor areas, and well-equipped kitchens.