The best destinations in the West for log cabin homes

The best destinations in the West for log cabin homes

Rolling plains, fertile valleys, expansive deserts, and mountainscapes can all be found in the West, along with equally diverse weather conditions in every state. With strong influences from European, Latino, Asian, and Native American people, it has become a melting pot of cultures in the US. Consider the West if you’re planning to book a log cabin home for your next vacation – you’ll find such vacation rentals in remote towns and villages, as well as on the outskirts of big cities.

Spend your getaway in a cabin near the mountains of Colorado

If you’re looking for rich cultural heritage, unparalleled hiking and camping sites, and lively festivals, Colorado has log cabin homes close to all the action. From its highest points in the Rocky Mountains to the whitewater rapids and hot springs, there are plenty of activities to enjoy during your vacation. National forests provide amazing backdrops for cabin rentals, giving you a view of the vibrant natural surroundings, while vacation rentals close to urban locales allow easy trips to downtown areas.

Boulder getaway cabins

Located near the Rocky Mountains and a short drive to multiple national parks, log cabin homes in Boulder present you with the most options for exploring the peaks in the surrounding foothills. You can hike through sandstone canyons at Eldorado Canyon State Park or enjoy panoramic views from Flagstaff Mountain. At the farmers’ market, you can shop for fresh ingredients that you can take back to your cabin rental’s fully equipped kitchen, where you can prepare meals with the best produce the locals have to offer.

Log cabin homes near Denver

Image URL: Dating back to the Old West era, Denver today is a bustling metropolis where art, sports, architecture, and shopping collide in spectacular fashion. Private vacation rentals and log cabin homes can be found in the metro area, less than an hour from Downtown Denver. Kick back and relax in front of the fireplace as you enjoy freshly brewed coffee, or watch from the comfort of your cabin’s deck as the sky change colors while the sun sets over the horizon.

Vacation rentals with mountain views in Montana

An A-frame cabin's wooden interiors, wood-burning stove, and deck access

There’s no shortage of log cabin homes in Montana, where the landscape caters to those seeking an unforgettable winter trip. The charming towns dotting the sprawling plains are great places to consider for a winter cabin vacation. You can go skiing, snowboarding, and dog sledding, or swim in heated waters. After a long day of outdoor activities, wind down in your cozy log cabin home with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace, or play a round of foosball with the kids in the game room.

Great Falls log cabin vacation rentals

Booking a secluded cabin does’t mean you have to spend your vacation in solitude. The log cabin homes near Great Falls offer plenty of wintertime activities such as ice fishing and winter caving. The Paris Gibson Square Museum of Art boasts a landmark Romanesque Revival facade, luring travelers into its exhibit halls and installations. You can also see the largest known freshwater spring in Giant Springs State Park and the iconic Rainbow Dam just 5 miles east of downtown.

Bozeman is full of wonderful cabin rentals

Log cabin homes in Bozeman are spacious and well furnished, and in the winter, they’re surrounded by scenic snowy plains. The city is home to both historic and modern attractions. If you want a peak into the past, the Museum of the Rockies traces events that have shaped the surrounding area. For a more futuristic experience, the American Computer & Robotics Museum explores the evolution of present-day technology and its potential growth. The hot springs to the west can be a great way to warm up if you want to soak in thermal pools and saunas.

Choose from a diverse range of rental cabins in California

Deck with dining table and grill next to hot tub with treeline view

Stretching from the Mexican border across nearly 900 miles along the Pacific, California boasts many different terrains such as beaches, forests, and mountains. The vacation rentals you’ll find here vary in style, ranging from beachside cabins to getaways on the foothills of mountain areas. Attractions such as Lake Tahoe and Yosemite National Park draw masses by the thousands every year. Log cabin homes can be very appealing to those who wish to spend their vacation near such renowned destinations.

Find marvelous vacation home rentals in Mariposa

The absence of traffic lights will give you an idea of just how laid-back the lifestyle is in the historic town of Mariposa. Set in the Sierra Nevada’s foothills, this former mining town is home to Gold Rush-era buildings. Drop by the award-winning Mariposa Museum and History Center and the 19th-century Mariposa County Courthouse for a look into the town’s storied past. Log cabin homes just outside the town center – many with decks that are perfect for outdoor dining – are ideal jump-off points for exploring the nearby Yosemite National Park.

Luxuriate in a log cabin in Big Bear Lake

Southern California is rich in picturesque vacation destinations, and the small city of Big Bear Lake ranks right up there with the best of them. Outdoor pursuits abound all year round, from fishing and hiking to kayaking and skiing. Animal lovers will love the Big Bear Alpine Zoo, where nearly 200 animals live, while adventure seekers can glide high over the forest on an exhilarating zip line ride. Log cabin homes here are as diverse and beautiful as the scenery; most have large windows and spacious decks overlooking the lake.