The only national park in New England, Acadia National Park covers over 47,000 acres of land, much of which can be found on Mount Desert Island, where you’ll also find the majority of Acadia National Park cabin rentals. Maine’s breathtaking national park offers incredible biodiversity and landscapes to suit every mood and desire. The park boasts rocky shorelines, tidal pools, serene lakes, dense forest, and mountainous peaks. Home to Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak on the east coast, Acadia National Park is a hiker’s paradise, while horseback riders, cyclists, and kayakers will find plenty to keep them entertained, too.

A cabin rental in Maine makes for the best summer vacation

With its coastline, beaches, lakes, mountains, and forests, the world really is your oyster in Acadia National Park. While many visitors to the area dedicate at least 3 days to exploring the park, you can get even more out of your vacation with Acadia National Park Cabin rentals. By staying for longer, and in the comfort of a cabin, you’ll be able to explore every nook and cranny of this diverse and stunning national park. Hikers and climbers, for example, will be most interested in getting to know Acadia National Park’s 120-miles of hiking trails, as well as the mighty Cadillac Mountain. But however you choose to spend your time here, you'll be happy you did so while staying in an Acadia National Park cabin rental.

Small town charm in Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor offers the best of both worlds when it comes to cabins in Acadia National Park. Located on Mount Desert Island, over 10,000 acres of the parkland is within Bar Harbor’s boundary lines, making exploring the park exceptionally easy. The harbor town also boasts great dining opportunities, from restaurants to coffee shops, as well as bars, pubs, shops, and plenty of places to stay. This picturesque waterfront town also offers a number of cultural diversions, including art galleries, museums, the Bar Harbor Historical Society, and a variety of tour operators.

Bar Harbor cabins and vacation rentals

Bar Harbor vacation rentals offer everything from family homes and cozy cabins to waterfront apartments with harbor views. With all the ease and convenience of a small town, not to mention its fishing village-style charm, Bar Harbor is one of the most popular places to stay when visiting Acadia National Park. Vacation rentals here tend to be suitable for large groups, and are especially geared towards families. Meanwhile, if you’re after something smaller—say, for a romantic getaway—you’re sure to find the Acadia National Park cabin to suit you.

Coastal views in Southwest Harbor

Another popular spot to stay while exploring Acadia National Park, is Southwest Harbor. Found south of Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor also offers easy access to much of the park’s land, and is blessed with a wide range of vacation rentals. Like Bar Harbor, Southwest Harbor has some great finds when it comes to drinking and dining options, as well as shopping opportunities. From here, you can easily explore the rest of the island and park, and will be particularly well-placed for visiting the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.

Cabin rentals near Southwest Harbor

For a special Acadia National Park cabin rental, you can’t go wrong with Southwest Harbor. Proximity to this charming small town means you’re close to useful amenities, cute cafes, delicious restaurants, and friendly bars, while also being surrounded by the park’s natural beauty. The cottages and cabins in and around Southwest Harbor boast classic New England architecture, as well as comfortable guest rooms, spacious outdoor seating areas, well-equipped kitchens, and even, in some cases, direct access to the water.

Lakes and mountains near Mount Desert

Mount Desert is smaller than both Southwest Harbor and Bar Harbor, but it is no less charming, and offers almost as many Acadia National Park cabin rental opportunities as its larger counterparts. The area surrounding the small town also includes Long Pond and Echo Lake, which provide peaceful and serene environments for swimming, sunbathing, and other watersports. Echo Lake in particular is a popular spot in the summer, when the lake’s warm waters beckon those for whom the cold Atlantic isn’t quite so tempting.

Mount Desert cabins and cottages

For an Acadia National Park cabin rental experience with a difference, why not look for a cabin rental close to the shores of Echo Lake? The vacation home rentals in this area provide you with easy access to the amenities and main street of Mount Desert, while also offering waterfront views, and the peace and ease of lakeside living. Further away from the lake, and close to the town, you’ll find even more vacation rental options, from charming, rough-hewn cottages, to smartly decorated secluded cabins, complete with stunning views and hot tubs.