Tips on booking pet-friendly Hocking Hills cabin rentals

Tips on booking pet-friendly Hocking Hills cabin rentals

Known for its wild landscapes full of forests, lakes, caves, and mountains, Hocking Hills State Park is a big hit with outdoorsy types, with enough walking and biking trails to keep you out and active all day. And if you’ve got a treasured family pet there’s no need to leave it behind. There are plenty of vacation rental homes out there that’ll make sure your four-legged friend enjoys the outdoorsy lifestyle as much as you do. Read on for our advice on where to go to find your own little slice of pet-friendly living, whatever your budget.

Why book cheap pet-friendly Hocking Hills cabins?

If you’re taking a pet along on your Hocking Hills cabin break and you don’t want to worry about them chewing the fancy fixtures, then you could take things easy by booking a budget cabin—your pet will still have plenty of space to roam. Choosing a property without daily servicing and with fewer extra amenities could ease the pressure on your wallet, and of course a self-catering cabin is a great way to make your budget go a bit further. Alternatively, you could choose a larger property, bring some friends along (perhaps with their pets, too), and split the cost between you.

Booking luxury pet-friendly cabins in Hocking Hills

Wooden cabin by a lake

Just because you’re bringing your pet it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the finer things in life, and there are plenty of luxury cabins in Hocking Hills that welcome animals as well as humans. You’ll get the convenience of self-catering facilities combined with luxury perks to make your break a little more special—for example, daily cleaning, free Wi-Fi, or your own private swimming pool. Some places even throw in some pampering for your pets, providing extras such as dog wipes, tennis balls and personalized treat bags.

Hit the trails with your pet near Cedar Falls

The biggest waterfall in Hocking Hills, Cedar Falls drops 50 ft into a cool, dark, pool. What makes it really special is its magical setting, surrounded by hemlock trees, rock walls and grottoes, with large snapping turtles found in the adjacent stream. It’s also on the Buckeye Trail, which leads to Old Man’s Cave as well as many other natural attractions. As with most wilderness areas around these parts, it’s fully dog friendly, so you and the pooch can tire yourselves out before getting back to the rustic charms of your accommodation.

Bring your furry friend to Old Man’s Cave

Pets allowed wooden cabin by a lake

Old Man’s Cave is one of the most popular natural attractions in the state of Ohio, carved thousands of years ago from the flow of melting glaciers. As well as its namesake cave—so-called after a hermit who lived there in the 1800s—it includes waterfalls, gorges, and walking trails, all of which are dog-friendly, so if your furry friend is of the canine variety, you can hit the trails together before returning to your cabin for a cozy evening curled up in front of the fire.

Cabins in Lake Hope State Park

One of the quieter areas of Hocking Hills, Lake Hope State Park. sits within the thick greenery of the Zaleski State Forest and is home to gorges, steep ridges, and waterfalls, as well as the crowning glory of Lake Hope. This is a place where the truly active can get their kicks, from hiking or biking along the many trails, to boating, swimming, and fishing on the lake. You can either leave your pet back at your cabin while you explore the area, or, if you’ve come with a dog, bring them along for the ride.

Book a cabin near Cantwell Cliffs

If you want some peace and quiet on your pet-friendly cabin vacation, then choosing a vacation rental home close to Cantwell Cliffs could be a wise solution. One of the least visited attractions in the area, Cantwell Cliffs are nonetheless spectacular, with walking trails passing below reddish brown rock faces and along clifftops, allowing breathtaking views of the valley below. Even better, you are more than welcome to bring your four-legged friend along as you get to know the trails, ensuring that you’ll both be in need of those pet- and human-friendly perks when you return to your high-end vacation rental home.