Tips on booking cabins near Hocking Hills

Tips on booking cabins near Hocking Hills

The Hocking Hills, set in southeastern Ohio, is one of the state’s great wilderness areas, with a diverse landscape of mountains, gorges, lakes, caves, and twisted rock formations. The park can be enjoyed year-round, whether you like biking along forested trails and lake swimming in summer, or exploring snowy caves and hills in winter. And if you’re going to be surrounded by nature, there are few better options than Hocking Hills cabin rentals—whether you opt for a rustic, wooden number in the woods or a luxury brick palace with views of the hills.

Luxury cabins in Hocking Hills State park

Large wooden cabin with swimming pool in front

Spending your time in a State Park doesn’t have to mean roughing it, and days spent out on the trails don’t have to be followed by nights under canvas or in budget surroundings. In fact, Hocking Hills State Park has plenty of high-end cabins so that you can relax in plush surroundings after an energetic day of outdoorsy fun. Think of them as self-catering properties with hotel-style perks: you get your own fancy kitchen and generous living space, but you’ll also get a cleaning service and bonus facilities such as jacuzzis, private swimming pools, and optional catering services.

Cabins for groups in Hocking Hills State Park

large wooden house with a lawn in front and trees behind

While there are plenty of compact cabins that are perfect for couples or small families, there are Hocking Hills State Park cabins that will suit large groups down to the ground, too. These expansive wood or brick rental homes are often called lodges, come with large open plan living and entertaining spaces, and can sleep groups as large as around 25 people. Massive houses often come with massive grounds, and if you can get a large group together you might find yourself with perks such as sweeping lawns, private fishing ponds, and pools large enough to swim laps in.

Budget cabins in Hocking Hills State Park

If you want to make your Hocking Hills vacation a little easier on the wallet, then staying in one of the area’s many budget vacation rental homes is the solution. There are a number of well-priced options inside the State Park itself, many of which are located on simple campgrounds, but you’ll find private rental options around the park, too. While they may have few frills, all will have a cozy living space and decent kitchen and bathroom facilities. They’ll also have a deck from which to appreciate their beautiful natural settings, whether that be deep in the woods or by the side of a lake.

Cabins with shared grounds in Hocking Hills State Park

Not all Hocking Hills vacation rental homes are stand alone affairs in their own private gardens. Some are set alongside other cabins and share grounds and other communal facilities. Or, in some cases, you can rent a self-catering room or apartment inside a much larger wooden cabin. While you won’t be totally secluded, you’ll still have all the woodsy atmosphere and independence that your heart desires. Plus you’ll get a sociable atmosphere, as well as perks such as daily housekeeping, a shared swimming pool, or a game room.

Pet-friendly cabins in Hocking Hills State Park

If you’ve got a four-legged friend that you don’t want to leave at home, you’ll find plenty of vacation home rentals in the Hocking Hills to oblige. Cabin owners are used to people bringing their furry friends along, and they sometimes throw in pet-friendly perks such as a doggie playgrounds, personalized pet treats, dog and cat beds, and pet wipes for cleaning up messes or muddy paws. What’s more, the park is packed full of dog-friendly trails, so if you’ve brought a canine companion you’ll be well taken care of both on and off the trails.

Hocking Hills cabins near Old Man’s Cave

Old Man’s Cave is the most popular attraction in all of Hocking Hills State Park. Named after a hermit called Richard Rowe, who made his home here in the 1800s, the area is made up of caves, long narrow gorges, and a selection of beautiful waterfalls. It’s also on the route of several major trails—the Buckeye Trail, the North Country Scenic Trail, and America’s Discovery Trail. There are plenty of rental cabins in the immediate area, from rustic spaces for 2 to grand, expansive houses for groups. Either way, you won’t have far to go after a long day’s hike.