Set in Arkansas's beautiful Ouachita Mountains, charming Hot Springs has been attracting visitors to soak in its healing waters for centuries. You can still do so today, whether in Hot Springs National Park just to the north of town, or in one of the many bathhouses in the historic town center. You can even taste beer brewed with hot springs water, thanks to the local micro-brewery. While there are plentiful hotels and B&Bs in town, for a truly natural experience it's hard to beat a rental cabin out among the local wildlife in the National Park.

Romantic Cabins to rent in Hot Springs

The multi-hued mountain surrounds of Hot Springs make for a perfect romantic break for 2. Not only can you go for long walks through an inspiring landscape, but you can also relax to the max in natural outdoor thermal pools or historic town bathhouses. And when you're done, there are plenty of great options for a lengthy candlelit dinner before retiring to your very own cabin in the woods. And with so many vacation rental properties available in Hot Springs, you won't be short of choice.

Hot Spring cabins with hot tubs

As well as its impressive thermal pools, Hot Springs National Park is known for its hiking trails, including the 10-mile Sunset Trail, which passes through forests and plains. And what better way to end a day of exploring the wild than a soak in a hot tub on the deck of your atmospheric wooden lodge or log cabin? Especially if you've got a significant other to share it with, and perhaps a view of the sunset. You don't have to splash the big bucks either—you can find your own little slice of indulgent outdoorsy heaven whatever the size of your budget.

Secluded Hot Springs cabins

Part of the attraction of a romantic cabin break is the chance to hole up in a little piece of nature, far away from tourist crowds—and you'll have plenty of opportunity to get away from it all in Hot Springs National Park. There are many low-key cabins on their own private plots of land, where you'll be free to enjoy the surrounding greenery with only the birds and the butterflies for company. But should you find yourself craving a little action, you'll only be a short drive away from the bars, restaurants, and other attractions of the town itself.

Budget cabins in Hot Springs

While you could quite easily spend a fortune on a sprawling, upscale vacation rental home, there's plenty here for bite-sized budgets too, especially if you don't mind embracing the simple things in life. Your low-priced cabin might not come with a private pool, marble kitchen, or housekeeping services, but it'll more than make up for it in charm and atmosphere—and you may even find a hot tub on the deck. And in any case, you've come to enjoy the trails and thermal pools, not spend all your time back at the ranch.

Pet friendly cabins in Hot Springs

You've come here to enjoy the outdoorsy action—perhaps to take on a hiking trail or 2, or to climb the Hot Springs Mountain Tower for a 360-degree view of the Ouachita Mountains. But that doesn't mean you have to leave your four-legged pal at home. Many of the hiking trails here are dog-friendly, and there are plenty of budget cabins around these parts that welcome pets of many varieties, with some even providing pet-friendly perks such as toys and bedding.

Rustic cabins in Hot Springs

If you want to ease the pressure on your wallet and get back to nature at the same time, then you could opt for a rustic vacation home rental. These simple cabins are usually made from wood and are all about communing with the great outdoors rather than enjoying fancy facilities. You'll have comfortable sleeping and living quarters as well as a simple kitchen space and a bathroom, but you may not have Wi-Fi or a TV. The view will more than make up for it, however, whether you've chosen to stay deep in the forest, or by the shores of sublime Lake Ouachita.