Renting Mammoth cabins in and around Mammoth Cave National Park

Whether you choose a forest cabin or a lakeside chalet, Kentucky's Mammoth Cave National Park vacation rentals open you up to a world of incredible outdoor adventure and ancient history. It's home to the world's oldest known cave system, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with over 400 miles of limestone caverns and passages. Above it, the National Park offers some 80 sq miles of rivers, hills, and hiking and biking trails. While there is accommodation within the park in the form of cabins and heritage cottages, most Mammoth Cave cabin rentals are outside it, in or around nearby wilderness areas.

Cabins in Nolin Lake State Park

Just a short distance from Mammoth Cave, Nolin Lake State Park is a popular place to stay for those visiting the famous limestone caverns, but it's also an attraction in its own right. As well as its namesake lake—which is famous for its vibrant green waters and is safe for swimming, fishing and a whole host of other water sports—the park is crisscrossed by walking and biking trails. There's also a wide range of accommodation here, including plenty of cozy cottages and cabins.

Booking a luxury cabin by Nolin Lake

Book a luxury vacation rental home by Nolin Lake and you'll not only have access to Mammoth Cave and other local hotspots, you'll also be able to relax in serious style when you're done with a long day's sightseeing. High-end vacation rentals around these parts still tend to be timber-built for that timeless rustic-chic aesthetic, but they're more airy than cozy. Most have multiple bedrooms, expansive living and dining areas, and wide decks complete with far ranging views of the lake. Not to mention perks such as private lake beaches and boat docks.

Why pick a budget cabin by Nolin Lake?

If your style is more simple than flashy, you can find low-key properties at Nolin Lake too. The kind of places where days revolve around walks and stargazing rather than cocktails and speedboats. That's not to say you won't be comfortable. You'll likely get a cozy living area with a fireplace, as well as a snug bedroom or two, and some outside space with a BBQ grill. And while you probably won't get your own private beach, you're likely to have access to the water, or at least some stunning lake views.

Cabins near Rough River Lake

Set in central Kentucky, this 5,100-acre lake is within easy striking distance of Mammoth Cave National Park, but there's also plenty to do here if you want to stay closer to your vacation rental home. Activities here revolve around the water, and include fishing, boating, and lake swimming—though there's a great variety of walking, biking, and horseback riding opportunities here too, if you don't want to get your feet wet. There are plenty of cabins, cottages, and other vacation rental properties available, and you'll find something to suit every budget, whatever the size of your group.

Rustic cabins at Rough River Lake

If you're looking for rustic charm, you'll certainly find it at Rough River Lake. Log and clapboard cabins with wood-paneled interiors are the accommodation of choice here, and many are decked out with simple fixtures and with old-world, woodsy style. While you probably won't get a flashy entertainment system or a game room, you didn't come here to spend your time inside. With a rustic Rough River Lake cabin rental, you'll be perfectly placed to get out and enjoy the water and the numerous walking trails.

Romantic cabins at Rough River Lake

It's easy to turn a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park into an idyllic escape for 2—you just need to make sure you choose a rental cabin with plenty of romantic atmosphere. You'll find likely candidates all across this part of Kentucky, but there can be few better settings than Rough River Lake, where you can ramp up the romance with walks along the lake shore, and evenings holed up in your cabin by candlelight or gazing at the stars. Even the simplest of vacation rentals around the lake will have a deck and a view.