A UNESCO World Heritage site and a wilderness of jaw-dropping beauty, Yosemite National Park attracts millions of visitors each year to marvel at its good looks and wander its pristine pathways. It can get busy in high season but this doesn't detract from its charms, which include jagged granite mountains, forests of soaring sequoias, mirror lakes, and the thundering waters of Yosemite Falls. Unsurprisingly there's a huge range of vacation home rentals in the area, both inside and outside the park boundaries. You'll find everything from cozy cabin hideaways for 2 to sprawling stone villa rentals for groups.

Cheap Yosemite Park cabins

If you want to keep things basic, then you'll find a great selection of budget cabins in the Yosemite area. The majority are rustic, wooden structures, and while most won't have extras such as air conditioning, hot tubs, or flashy entertainment systems, they will have plenty of woodsy atmosphere. They'll also be be clean and comfortable, with good bathroom and kitchen facilities, a deck, and some private outside space. Some are in cabin clusters, sharing grounds and other facilities with fellow visitors, others sit in private gardens, either in residential areas near the park or within the park itself. Either way you'll have easy access to all the glorious landscapes that Yosemite has to offer.

Cabins for groups near Yosemite

Big families and groups of friends will find a wide selection of suitable vacation home rentals in the Yosemite area. Most of the larger properties are located outside of the park, on the outskirts of towns such as Mariposa and Groveland. This means that they have easy access to all of the wonders of the park, as well as to modern amenities such as shops, bars, and restaurants. What they have in common are multiple bedrooms and bathrooms, expansive living and dining areas with tables big enough to seat a crowd, and sprawling outdoor spaces including amenities such as BBQ grills, outdoor seating, and fire pits. You'll also find parking for several cars.

Luxury Yosemite Park cabins

Just because you're spending time hiking the trails, it doesn't mean you have to rough it on the accommodation front, and it's perfectly possible to relax in luxury after a busy day in the great outdoors. Luckily you'll find plenty of properties around Yosemite to oblige, both in the National Park and in the surrounding area. All will have plenty of space to relax in, including spacious living areas and high-spec kitchens, and you'll also find fast Wi-Fi connections and multiple flat-screen TVs. Other possible perks include hot tubs, private swimming pools, expansive gardens, and game rooms with pool tables, or even private river docks. If you plan to rent a luxury Yosemite cabin, book ahead. Rentals fill up fast.

Cabin rentals near Yosemite Valley

A 7 mile-long glacial trough, the Yosemite Valley is the most popular destination in Yosemite National Park and is home to forests, meadows, and many of the cliffs and waterfalls that make the park famous, including El Capitan, Half Dome, and Yosemite Falls. It also serves as an administrative hub for the park, with a visitors' center, a small museum, a medical clinic, and several picnic spots. While many people choose to stay in the campgrounds that dot the area, there are a number of private cabin rentals available too, where you can stay in your own personal patch of wilderness a short drive away from the valley.

Cabin rentals inside Yosemite National Park

Unlike some other National or State Parks where the only accommodation is in official campgrounds and lodges, Yosemite National Park has a good range of private rental cabins, so you don't have to stay outside the park boundaries. This means you'll be closer to all the top viewpoints and attractions, you can avoid some of the entry traffic in high season, and you'll have all the "back to nature" atmosphere your heart desires. Cabin rentals range from simple wood affairs on shared grounds, to expansive, modern, stand-alone cabins with plenty of facilities. Most are located in the southeastern corner of the park.