Booking a Zion cabin to suit you

Booking a Zion cabin to suit you

From arid desert to twisted sandstone monoliths to thick pine forest, Zion National Park hosts some of the most spectacular scenery the country has to offeróin addition to hiking, biking, and other outdoor experiences. Set on the Colorado Plateau, along with its neighbor, Bryce Canyon National Park, it’s also home to diverse flora and fauna, and you can see Bighorn sheep, mule deer, and over 900 varieties of plant. Getting back to nature by pitching a tent is popular here, but there’s also a great choice of cabins for those who prefer a little more comfort.

Rustic cabins near Zion

Stone and clapboard cabin covered with flowers

For a back-to-basics experience, many people head for one of the park’s campgrounds, but you can enjoy the simple life from a rustic cabin, too. While the majority of Zion cabins are modern or suburban in style, you can find some log or clapboard numbers, too, both in and outside the park boundaries. They’ll have low-key but comfortable interiors, often with wood-paneled walls and simple furnishings, as well as clean, functional bathroom and kitchen facilities. All will offer outside space, including a deck from which to enjoy the views, and a BBQ grill and outdoor furniture for al fresco dining.

Camping cabins near Zion

If you want a back-to-nature experience, but aren’t keen on full-on camping, a tent-cabin hybrid could be the answer. Camping cabins are a bit like a tent you’d find in a fancy safari lodge. You’ll get proper beds and bed linens, comfortable seating, and a log burner to keep you warm, as well as lanterns to light your way at nighttime, which adds to the romantic atmosphere. There’ll also be BBQ grills and picnic areas, a reception area (some open 24 hours), and luggage storage. Bathrooms are shared but will be spacious and high end, without a grubby shower stall in sight. Some of these upscale camps even offer restaurants or cook-to-order breakfasts, for an additional fee.

Luxury Zion National Park cabins

Furnished wooden deck with rust red mountains as a backdrop

If you’d prefer your cabin to be chic rather than cozy, then Zion National Park will be happy to oblige. Many of the higher-end vacation home rentals in the area are in brick-built cabins in residential areas, but you’ll also find a few more traditional wood and clapboard cabins set in rural areas, too. While different in style, they all have high-end fittings and extras that put them into the luxury bracket. All will have expansive living areas, high-spec kitchens, and plush bathrooms, while many include Jacuzzi tubs, multiple flat-screens, and game rooms with pool tables. Outdoor space will be special too, with BBQs and outdoor seating as standard, and some offering private swimming pools.

Cabins near Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks

View down a canyon with blue skies above

Most people coming to the area will be visiting both Zion and Bryce Canyon national parks. There’s only 72 miles between them, and there are many cabins that are perfectly placed for you to reach both with equal ease. Your best bet is to concentrate on the area around Highway 89, which connects the 2 parks, and contains several small settlements with beautiful surrounding countryside. This area will also give you easy access to the Dixie National Forest, should you need a break from all those canyons. Vacation home rentals in this area include simple log cabins set in private grounds, and cabins set in clusters on shared grounds, some of which have an on site restaurant.

Budget Zion National Park cabins

Yes, you could choose to splash the cash on a spacious, luxury cabin rental – but you’ll find a whole host of options that are lighter on the wallet too, particularly if you don’t mind keeping things simple. OK, so your budget pad might not include a private swimming pool, swish kitchen appliances, or a bevy of flat-screens, but it’ll more than make up for it in charm and atmosphere. What’s more, you’re certain to have your own patch of outdoor space with a BBQ and comfortable seating, so that you can enjoy all those stunning views. And in any case, you’ve come to wander among the majestic scenery, not spend all your time inside.