Find Vacation Rentals and Condos in Spanish and Other European Languages

Find Vacation Rentals and Condos in Spanish and Other European Languages

Renting a condo or an apartment is often a good choice when you’re traveling to Europe. This especially applies if you’re going as a group or staying in Europe for a longer term. A condo or apartment rental is usually more practical in terms of costs. It also typically provides the privacy and comfort of a real home that’s sometimes lacking in a hotel room. Thanks to online holiday rental companies, renting a condo in Spanish or any other European language is now easy, safe, and stress-free, even if you can only speak in English.

Luxury Vacation Rentals in Europe

If you’re of a mind to splurge on your European sojourn, then you can go ahead and book a luxury vacation rental. Staying in such upscale vacation homes will let you enjoy your trip in total style and comfort. These properties are typically located in high-end neighborhoods. You’ll also have access to amenities like a swimming pool, high-speed internet, a fully equipped kitchen, plushy towels, bed linens with thread counts in the upper hundreds, a maid service, and maybe a hot tub or mini-bar. There are even luxury condos and apartments that provide personal butler and concierge services.

Pro-tip #1: Double-check the Wi-Fi

While most apartments in Europe have access to Wi-Fi these days, it’s best to double-check if your desired rental really has Wi-Fi. Otherwise, prepare to bring a portable Wi-Fi stick or find internet cafes near the vacation rental.

Cheap Vacation Homes in Europe

A small but cozy city apartment

Staying for a while in Europe—maybe for a long holiday or a semester in a European school? Then a cheap apartment is a good option for accommodations you can look at. You can easily find a vacation home that you can book for long-term stays but won’t cost you a fortune. Many of them are fully furnished, complete with bedding, cooking tools and appliances, and dinnerware. A lot of them are also located near stores where you can buy food and other things you may need, as well as cafes and affordable eateries.

Pro-tip #2: Does the vacation rental have an elevator?

In old cities like Paris or Rome, you might find apartments at the top floors of buildings that have been around a century or so. You may find these holiday homes charming because of the view from the windows, the building’s character, or even the neighborhood. However, a lot of these old buildings don’t have elevators. It could be a great idea at first to stay at the top floor of that lovely Rome vacation apartment rental. But after a while, you may find it a pain to haul stuff up and down the stairs.

Centrally Located Vacation Homes in Europe

You may want to book a centrally located vacation rental if you plan to do a lot of sightseeing on your trip to Europe. It doesn’t matter whether you’re staying for a few months or only a few days. You can save a lot of time and make the most out of your holiday if your accommodations are a short walking distance to the destinations on your itinerary or easily accessible to public transport. For example, if you’re in London and you want to focus on touring the palaces and historic sites within and around Westminster, it may be best to find a London vacation apartment rental in Westminster. That way you can walk to sites like Westminster Abbey and the Parliament Building, and you can always hop on the Tube if you want to go elsewhere.

Pro-Tip #3: Find a rental in the neighborhood you want

If public transportation isn’t a problem in the European destination you’re visiting, go ahead and find a vacation home in a neighborhood whose vibe appeals to you. You can enjoy your holiday a lot more that way.

Long-Term Apartment Rentals in Europe

A row of flats in London

Maybe you need to stay in Europe for a few months. If you’re sticking round a while, you might as well think of what you’d like to have in your ideal home when you choose long-term vacation homes in Europe. For example, do you prefer living in the suburbs or in the heart of downtown? Would you like a big yard, or would a balcony with city views do? Do you need a fully furnished apartment or would you mind shipping a few pieces of your own furniture with you? If you’re going to stay at that vacation rental for a long time, you might as well make it home.

Pro-tip #4: Google Street View is your friend.

Not all vacation rentals are what they claim to be. For instance, that 2-bedroom apartment with great city views may turn out to be a tiny studio with a view of a dead-end alley. To make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for, you can use Google Street View to check out the apartment and its location.