Top Neighborhoods to Search for Honolulu Apartments

Top Neighborhoods to Search for Honolulu Apartments

Honolulu is the gateway to Hawaii, the first stop you need to make when you travel to this westernmost US state. The city is a modern metropolis, filled with skyscrapers, boutiques selling luxury goods, Michelin-starred restaurants serving cuisines from around the globe, and other world-class attractions. Its iconic beaches count among the most glamorous in the world. But for all its modernity, Honolulu retains much of its classic Hawaiian character, and this contrast between progress and tradition is what makes this city truly interesting. Apartments for rent in Honolulu can be your ideal base for sampling everything Hawaii’s state capital offers.

Honolulu Condos in Waikiki

Waikiki is one of Honolulu’s more famous neighborhoods. If you want to spend your time in Honolulu lolling on the beach in the mornings, indulging in retail therapy in the afternoons, and partying at a smart club in the evenings, a Honolulu condo in Waikiki may be your ideal accommodation. Waikiki’s spectacular beaches were once the exclusive playground of Hawaii’s royal family; today, they are among the most photographed beaches in the world. Its main thoroughfare, Kalakaua Avenue, is lined with upscale shops and restaurants. For family-friendly fun, Waikiki has Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, and the Waikiki Historical Trail.

Downtown Honolulu Condos for Rent

Aloha Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Downtown Honolulu

If you’re more interested in getting immersed in Honolulu’s culture and history rather than its waters, you may want to search for Honolulu apartments in a neighborhood downtown. Downtown Honolulu contains not just Hawaii’s most significant historical and cultural landmarks, but also various museums, performance venues, and the State Capitol. As Hawaii’s commercial heart, Downtown is also where you’ll find the skyscrapers housing Hawaii-based corporations.

The Civic Center

The Civic Center, also known as the Capitol District, is Hawaii’s government district. This is where you’ll find most of Hawaii’s federal and state government buildings, as well as historic buildings like the Kawaiahao Church and the Iolani Palace.


Chinatown, as its name implies, is an enclave of Hawaiians of Chinese origins. It’s considered to be the oldest Chinatown in the US. Aside from the usual Chinese establishments, the area also contains significant cultural buildings, such as the Hawaii Theater, as well as numerous galleries and art centers. Because of these venues, Chinatown is alternatively known as the Arts District.

The Waterfront

The Waterfront neighborhood faces Honolulu Harbor and is Hawaii’s primary seaport. You’ll find many high-rise buildings, including Honolulu condos, in this neighborhood, but Aloha Tower remains the most iconic.

Honolulu Apartments around Kapahulu Avenue

Kapahulu Avenue stretches just outside the eastern end of Waikiki. Despite its proximity to Honolulu’s prime tourist hotspot, Kapahulu teems with local color. This neighborhood is a great place to search for Honolulu condos for rent if you’re looking for a more traditional experience during your stay. There you’ll find restaurants serving native Hawaiian cuisine the way the locals like it, along with other international offerings. The shops there sell authentic Hawaiian knick-knacks and other goodies you can take home—from vintage aloha shirts and antiques to coconut bikinis and hula skirts. If you want to hit the beach, Waikiki is just five minutes away, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Apartments for Rent around Diamond Head

Hanauma Bay in Eastern Honolulu

The communities around the Diamond Head Crater are some of the more exclusive and affluent neighborhoods in Eastern Honolulu. One of the advantages you can enjoy by staying in a Honolulu apartment there is you can have access to secluded beaches like Hanauma Bay, as well as peace and quiet away from the holiday crowd. If you do want a bit more excitement and bustle, Waikiki is only a 15-minute drive away.


The Kaimuki neighborhood was once an ostrich farm belonging to Hawaii’s King Kalakaua. Today, it’s a residential community with a small business center where you can find shops, restaurants, and other services.


If you want to hobnob with Honolulu’s elite or spot mainland celebrities holidaying at their Hawaiian summer mansions, Kahala is the place to go. Kahala has some of the priciest real estate in Hawaii, though it also has plenty of secluded beaches open to the public.

Apartments for Rent in Honolulu West

Honolulu apartments on the western side of the city are great options if you’re planning a longer stay there. Homes there are generally more affordable, and you can experience what it’s like living as a local in Hawaii.

Salt Lake

This Western Honolulu neighborhood is surrounded by military bases, most notably Pearl Harbor. So, it’s no surprise that people living in Salt Lake are mostly military officers or staffers and their families. Salt Lake has its own shopping center and has picturesque views of Downtown Honolulu.


Moanalua was once part of the estate of Bernice Pauahi Bishop, a member of the Hawaiian royal family and one of the state’s largest landowners. Today, it’s a residential neighborhood with small commercial centers. It’s also the home of Moanalua Gardens, one of Hawaii’s first public parks.