Cheap Condos in Panama City Beach for Your Type of Holiday

Cheap Condos in Panama City Beach for Your Type of Holiday

Staying at cheap condos in Panama City Beach, Florida can help you make the most of your Gulf Coast holiday. Just because a vacation rental comes with a lower price tag, it doesn’t automatically mean its amenities are subpar. In fact, there are many cheap condos in Panama City Beach with features almost as luxurious as those in plush hotels. With the money you can save on your vacation home rental, you can experience more of the pleasures that PCB has to offer. It’s just a matter of finding the right type of condo and neighborhood for your holiday.

Cheap beachfront condos in Panama City Beach

A white condo building with a terrace on the beach

As with any beach destination, beachfront condo rentals in PCB can be quite pricey, especially those along Front Beach Road. They’re only a few steps from the water and have stunning views of the Gulf that you can enjoy from a balcony or patio. Plus, they may have luxe amenities like on-site spas, restaurants and bars, and fitness centers. But you can also find cheap condos in Panama City Beach right on the beach. You’re more likely to locate them in the less touristy neighborhoods and away from the livelier areas.

PCB neighborhoods with cheap beachfront condos

For cheap beachfront condos, Kiska Beach is a quiet neighborhood populated mostly by locals in PCB West End, offering a peaceful palm-laden beach surrounded by quaint cottages and nestled between the beaches of Rosemary and Laguna. El Centro Beach is another good place to find a cheap condo, and a short walk from the Pier Park shopping and entertainment hub. If you’re looking to combine some beach time with a game on the links, Edgewater Beach is a resort community built around a golf course in Middle Beach.

Affordable family-friendly condos in Panama City Beach

A faraway view of a row of beach chairs with blue umbrellas facing the sea

When it comes to vacation home rentals, the rule of thumb is that the bigger it is, the pricier it gets. But if you’re traveling with family or as a large group, it won’t make sense for all of you to squeeze into a studio apartment, will it? The good thing is you can find cheap condos in Panama City Beach with 2 or more bedrooms that have family-friendly amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, washer/dryers in the unit, and maybe boardgames that you and your kids or companions can play. The condo building may also have a playground and a picnic area with tables and barbecue grills.

PCB communities with cheap, family-friendly condo

There are plenty of cheap, family-friendly condos to be found in Gulf Lagoon Beach, an upscale community in Grand Lagoon offering long stretches of sandy beach and close proximity to Andrews State Park. Long Beach, one of the oldest neighborhoods in PCB, is close to various museums and kid-friendly attractions. Equally, family friendly is Lullwater Beach, a Pier Park neighborhood sandwiched between Lullwater Lake and the Gulf of Mexico, boasts a wealth of beach activities, attractions and amenities.

Cheap condos in Panama City Beach with swimming pool

You’re not by any means obligated to spend all your time at the beach on your beach holiday. There will be times when you may feel all beached out and would rather hang out somewhere near your vacation rental. Or the beach may be too crowded. Or it may be just too hot outside. At times like these, a swimming pool may serve as a great alternative venue for chilling out. There are many cheap condos in Panama City that count a swimming pool among their amenities. Some may even have a jacuzzi along with the pool.

PCB areas where you can find cheap condos with pool

For a great choice of cheap condos with swimming pools, you can’t go wrong with Bahama Beach. This Open Sands neighborhood is both family and dog-friendly, offering a good range of amenities, shops, and restaurants, as well as kid-friendly attractions. Laguna Beach, a West End neighborhood near Conservation Park, is another popular spot for vacation condos, while Palm Cove, an inland community in Middle Beach, is a short walk from shops and restaurants.

Romantic but inexpensive condos in Panama City Beach

If you’re holidaying in Panama City Beach with your sweetie for a romantic getaway, it’s assumed that you want to spend as much time together as possible, and probably away from the crowds. There are many cheap condos in Panama City Beach where you can have the privacy you need but still stay close to restaurants, shops, and other attractions than the beach. These cozy condo units may also have beach access and private balconies from which you and your sweetheart can enjoy sweeping views and watch the sunrise or sunset together.

PCB neighborhoods with cheap but romantic condo

For cheap but romantic condos, look into Bel-Air, a beachside neighborhood in Middle Beach that offers long stretches of white sand beach and turquoise waters, as well as plenty of great restaurants and shops. For a more secluded spot, Bid-a-wee Beach at Open Sands has its own golf course and private beach, and is close to the attractions and amenities, whilst exuding a peaceful vibe. Biltmore Beach is a neighborhood in Grand Lagoon near St. Andrews State Park, which also boasts long stretches of beach for romantic strolls.