Amazing vacation condos for rent in Orlando

Amazing vacation condos for rent in Orlando

Orlando in Florida has got to be one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. Most famous for the sprawling theme parks and water parks of Disney World, it’s also home to plenty of other attractions like Universal Orlando Resort. What’s more, Orlando’s a fantastic vacation spot in its own right, especially if you’re into golf courses and sunshine. There are huge numbers of condos, apartments, and townhomes for rent in Orlando, many of which are situated in upscale resorts with premium amenities.

Luxury condos for rent in Orlando

If you like a bit of luxury when you’re on vacation, Orlando does a mean line in high-end condo resorts. Rent a luxury condo in Orlando, and you’ll probably find yourself with access to amenities like fitness and sports facilities, pools, Jacuzzis, on-site bars, and restaurants. Larger properties might have their own private pools, while some condos include access to nearby golf courses. As a bonus, many of these more upmarket condo resorts also benefit from great locations near Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, or other major local attractions.

Cheap apartments in Orlando

A dream vacation in The City Beautiful doesn’t have to cost big bucks. There are lots of budget condos and cheap apartments for rent in Orlando. Some of them are self-contained apartments in private family homes, while others are compact condos in purpose-built resorts. Most vacation rentals are still close to Disney World and other attractions, and some will have amenities that you’d expect to find at higher price points, like pool or gym access. Staying in a condo also means you’ll usually have your own kitchen; you can stretch your budget by cooking for yourself occasionally.

Condos for rent by owner in Orlando

Sunset reflections over a lake with a condo resort on the lakefront

There are lots of privately-owned apartments for rent in Orlando, and renting directly from the owner is a great way to get top-quality accommodations at an attractive price. These rental apartments and condos might be a self-contained part of a larger family home, or it could be that the owner only uses the condo at certain times of year and rents it out for the rest of the season. Whatever the case, there’s a huge range of options to choose from, and you’re sure to pick up a seriously good deal.

Locations of condos for rent in Orlando

Shuttle train crossing a bridge past colorful flower beds in Epcot, Disney

Most condos and apartment rentals in Orlando are within easy reach of the main attractions, but there can be some significant benefits to siting yourself closer to a particular point of interest. Most of the theme parks and water parks are busy all year round, and the general rule is that the earlier you can get there, the better. Some condo resorts are even set within the parks themselves, offering fantastic access to the entertainment along with superb on-site amenities.

Condos for rent in Orlando near Disney World

With 4 theme parks and 2 water parks spread across a site covering nearly 40 sq miles, Disney World is far and away the most famous and popular vacation resort in the world. It’s easy to find condos for rent near Disney, and there’s a decent number of condo resorts inside Disney World itself. Stay at one of these and you can take advantage of the frequent resort shuttle service to make sure you’re first in the queue when your favorite ride opens.

Condos for rent in Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando is a good choice for a condo rental if you’re not planning on spending all your time in the theme parks. Often overlooked by Disney visitors, Orlando’s an attractive city with gleaming skyscrapers, lush parks, and lakes. It plays host to a variety of museums, festivals, and other attractions, and an Orlando rental apartment is a good choice if you’re looking to get to the airport quickly and easily. Of course, a downtown Orlando condo rental is also very convenient for Disney World and Universal Studios.

Condos for rent near Universal Orlando Resort

Opinion is sharply divided over whether it’s Universal Orlando Resort or Disney World that has the best rides, so really it’s only sensible to visit both and make up your own mind. You can spend several days at Universal Orlando Resort, with its 2 theme parks and water park, and if you think that might be the focus for your trip, then you could look for a condo near Universal Studios. Renting an apartment near Universal Orlando Resort also puts you nice and close to the attractions of Downtown Orlando too.