Tips for booking tropical vacation condos on the beach in Florida

Tips for booking tropical vacation condos on the beach in Florida

Most beachfront vacation condos in Florida are either on the long Atlantic coast or the Gulf of Mexico, though you’ll also find some amazing seaside Florida condos down in the Florida Keys. Florida beachfront condos are something a bit special. Not only are the beaches themselves frequently made up of pristine, pale sand, but the climate is pretty much unbeatable. People have been wise to the benefits of a Florida vacation for a long time, and these days the coast is clustered with smart condo communities offering a wide range of vacation amenities at attractive prices.

Luxury beachfront rentals in Florida

When it comes to luxury beachfront condos in Florida, the sky’s the limit. If money is no object, the high-end amenities come thick and fast. To start with, the condos are likely to be spacious, newly renovated places with the latest tech and premium furnishings—think marble bathrooms, granite work surfaces, and high thread-count sheets. But it’s the services where luxury Florida condos really come into their own. Most will have pools and fitness facilities, and many will have stretches of private beach, complete with on-site restaurants and bars. Concierge services are fairly common in upscale beachfront condos, and the really posh ones might even provide chauffeurs and private chefs.

Cheap beachfront rentals in Florida

Florida’s also got a lot of more affordable beachfront apartments, many of which are set in large, purpose-built condo resorts. And you might be pleasantly surprised at just how much you can get for your money. Cheaper condos might not be in the most fashionable resorts, but they’re still almost always within easy reach of the beaches. Apart from the great locations, these Florida condo resorts will often provide the same amenities as other much more expensive properties. You’ll frequently find pools, tennis courts, and fitness facilities, along with other fun communal areas like tiki bars and laid-back restaurants.

Florida vacation rentals by owner

An Art Deco apartment block with palm fronds

Renting a vacation condo direct from the owner is hands down among the best ways to get a great deal on your accommodations. One peculiarity of Florida beachfront condos is that they’re frequently owned by “snowbirds” who only live down in Florida when the winters further north are at their coldest. For the rest of the year, they’ll rent the condo out, and this can be a great opportunity to stay in a much-loved apartment that’s full of character. You’re likely to get very good rates compared to renting through an agency, and there’s the added bonus that your hosts will probably have all kinds of useful local knowledge to share with you.

Florida monthly vacation rentals

You’ll notice many Florida vacation rental apartments and condos will have minimum stays of a month or longer. This is because the weather in Florida is so deliciously mild that many people like to settle there for the whole winter season, only returning to the more northerly states when spring arrives. Apart from giving you the chance to really settle into a place and become part of the condo community, owners can sometimes be inclined to offer more attractive rates to monthly renters. Don’t worry if you’ve only got time for a shorter break, though—there are still loads of short-term vacation condo rentals in Florida.

Fun beaches in Florida

Aerial view of Miami Beach in the sunshine with tower blocks stretching along the beachfront

While some visitors to Florida’s beaches will be wanting the quiet life, others will come in search of a bit more action. Fortunately, the Sunshine State can do both. If you’re looking for a condo rental near a fun beach with a bit more going on, you could try heading to Clearwater Beach, which plays host to a wide range of water sports and nightly festivities with street performers. Daytona Beach might also be a good bet for a livelier condo vacation. Meanwhile, the nightlife round Miami South Beach is second to none.

Condos in South Florida

Hands down, South Florida is among the most popular areas to rent a beachfront condo. When most people talk about South Florida, they mean the bottom right-hand bit that includes Miami and the Florida Keys, though South West Florida—which stretches up the Gulf Coast towards Tampa Bay—is also a very popular area for winter condo resorts. This part of Florida is pretty much the only place in the U.S. where you’ll find a genuine tropical climate, and it’s this (along with those white-sand beaches) that draws the sun-worshippers down from the states further north.